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UCI Hoddie

Review: UCI Hoddie

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We Liked

So what do we like about the Santini UCI Hoodie?

  • It’s a Heavy weight.
  • World Champ Stripes
  • Insulated hood
  • Casual look
  • Extra long cuffs  

We Didn't Like

We think that the sleeves could be longer.  But then again we have monkey arms..  I would also like one in black with the WC stripes and a grey one with pink accents for the Giro!  

The Final Say

So what's the final verdict on the hoodie. Its a winner in our books because it's casual, its a heavy weight and it has subtle style. I think that we all have some kind of hoodie in our closet. Some have a company like FOX on them and these are common in the MTB world. It's not common to find them in the road world and even more to have the rainbow stripes of the World Championships associated with it. Usually it's a lightweight standard medium weight hoodie that we spent some money for and maybe even a friend has one. I can tell you that not alot of people will have this and you can wear this out in public and the rest of the world will only see a grey hoodie. The cyclist in the crowd will notice the World Championship piping that adorned the trim. To make this hoodie even better its a heavy weight! The hood is even lined. So those cool mornings at the coffee shop or the cool evenings this will be the piece that you reach for to be casual but really cool. I think that this hoodie will be as sought after as some of the old cycling treasures of the past. Lets face it if you understand this hoodie, you love cycling and will appreciate it for its quality and sublimeness.  But after visiting the Santini HQ in Italy i would expect nothing less.

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