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Trace MTB Shoe

Review: Trace MTB Shoe

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We Liked

So getting a pair of Sidi shoes is something everyone loves to do. If your feet are not happy then your not happy. Sidi has been making cycling shoes for a long time (founded in 1960) and that is the only thing (cycling and motorcycle) that they do. So these guys are experts on it. The Trace has more than a trace of features for an entry level cycling shoe.

  • 24 sizes available from 36-50.
  • Features the new RS17 Sole.
  • Tecno 3 Precision ratchet closure for even easier adjustment and a more secure custom fit with an adjustable instep closure.
  • Dual Velcro® straps for easy forefoot adjustment
  • External, reinforced heel cup for superior fit and power transfer; won’t break down over time.
  • Great traditional Sidi quality and construction
  • Clean design and color options.
  • Replaceable toe Tread insert and toe spike compatible.
  • 3 different color options Black, Fluro Yellow and Red/Black
  • Woman’s specific version available in pink and black in the US.  

We Didn't Like

The Politex material seems to stretch a little more than the MICROFIBRE TECH PRO that is found in the more expensive Dragon 5. However, that might make it an ideal shoe for the winter as you could wear heaver socks. Or if your feet swell while riding.

Even though you can get 3 colors here in the US it’s offered in 6 and we think that the Whie/Black/Red version is really smart looking.  

The Final Say

Like I said earlier, any day you get a pair of Sidi shoes is a very good day. Let’s face it cycling is a very expensive sport and unless your use to spending $300 on a pair of shoes buying a pair of cycling shoes could seem ridiculous to someone coming into the sport. Not to mention how hard cyclocross is on shoes.

The Sidi trace is an excellent shoe for someone that is just getting into the sport and may want to not only do mountain biking cyclocross and some gravel. The shoe is packed with a ton of features for an entry level shoe. You get really good closures systems, heel cup replaceable toe tread and a fairly stiff nylon sole that is easy to run in. The Trace entry level shoe that does not look like an entry level shoe. You have to look very closely to notice that it uses standard velcro connections and Sidi Standard Tecno-3 System Buckle vs. the Tecno-3 Push Buckle system that is featured on the Dragon 5 and above. Nicely done Sidi for creating such a high value shoe.  

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