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Torsun Jacket

Review: Torsun Jacket

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We Liked

Mountain hardware has come out this year with a new jacket for the hard working outdoors type. From alpine climbing to hiking in the woods or doing lots of work. Enter the Torsun jacket! This jacket is made from a really great material called Elite Dry Q. The great thing about this fabric is you won't be waiting around on it to start working its breathing magic. Other fabrics need heat and that means you have started to work so hard that its a sauna in your jacket. Mountain hardware developed this fabric with eVent. The reason that Dry Q breaths right away is because it lacks the thin continuous PU layer over the PTFE membrane. Most if not all of the other fabrics have this coating and need some heat to start venting the vapor.

To make this an easy read we just started a list of all of the things that we liked about this jacket.

  • Great material
  • Good sizing
  • Big pockets
  • Lots of pockets (4)
  • Lots of room in the pockets too! Getting your hands in and out with gloves on is no problem!
  • Structured hood
  • waterproof zippers
  • Velcro closures on cuffs
  • High collar that is fleece lined.
  • Taped and sealed seams
  • Internal draw strings.

We Didn't Like

So I went on and on about the jacket in the what we liked about it. However, there is one thing wrong with it and unfortunately I think its kinda big one. The pockets are made out of a very fine nylon mesh. The problem is there is no barrier in the pockets and they are not lined. So this allows heat to escape quite easily and if its pouring you could get wet that way if you leave your pockets open. Now on the flip side of this it could also mean if your running around the jacket has venting that will surely accommodate the heaviest work out.

Lastly, I noticed that not all of the seams are taped sealed. The bottom hem on the jacket is not taped or stitched. Its glued down. Now, what that means is that over the life of the garment you need to take special care in cleaning it or the glue will fail. I can't tell you how many washings the jacket will hold up to until this happens. But I suspect that it will take a bit. But, for the money we think that Mountain Hardware should tack that down with a micro stitch.

The Final Say

Mountain Hardware is a branch of Columbia and they specialize in clothing for people that want to be and enjoy the outdoors. The Torsun jacket is made from their own Elite Q fabric and is 100% waterproof. Most waterproof fabrics have a water barrier that allows breathability with out letting rain in. For this to happen you need to generate some heat and sweat, then the fabric will start working. Mountain Hardware's Dry Q fabric does not have that layer and so it starts working right away for breathability. Now, that layer I mentioned as another purpose and that helps keep the item wind proof. Dry Q is 99.999% wind proof. So if you want to work out in any kind of weather then the Dry Q fabric may be the one for you. We love the guys at Mountain hardware and all of the fun cool stuff that they make. The Torsum jacket fits nicely into their line and has a LONG list of features that we love, the dry Q fabric being one of them. If the fabric is not breathable enough for you then all you have to do is unzip the pockets and you have two giant vents that will allow heat to escape. We were a little disappointed to find that the hem is not tacked down and for the money that the consumer will spend on this jacket it should not come undone over time.

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