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Tono Studio Jersey

Review: Tono Studio Jersey

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We Liked

Over the years the cycling kit market has gone through some changes and there seems to be a design and fabric war going on. Also, there seems to be two camps for jersey design. One camp is the custom wear your sponsors logo on your jersey and the other camp is better. The simple design is the best one. Santini can do custom and give you that pro fit like they give their pro teams. And they also offer some really great simple jerseys that are a real steal. Here are some of the things that I like about the Tono jersey and why you should own one too.

  • Fit: We love the fit of the jersey. I have had a lot of jerseys over the years and usually if they are skin tight or aero they are pretty restrictive. This one is not at all So this jersey is what I would call all day aero.
  • Fabric: Upon close inspection of the jersey I noticed that it's made of 3 different kinds of fabric with the aero fabric making up the chest and arms and the mesh fabric the back. The chest and arms are both aero and laser cut but are different fabrics of the same category. Overall the jersey is soft and very light. It almost feels like lingerie.
  • Features: The jersey has a standard 3 rear pocket design. In addition to this there is a zippered hidden pocket on the left side of one of the rear pockets. Also there is reflective panels on each outer pockets
  • Pattern: What? The jersey has a pattern? Yep it does. From about 10 feet it looks like a solid. Nope. This color is achieved with a pinstripe throughout the jersey.  There are 3 colors Pink, Orange and Burgeny in the pattern. You can only see it when you are close up.
  •  Fashion & function system: The whole line that Santini offers is a system. It's a system of function and a system of fashion. That means that the designs of the different jerseys and shorts are meant to work together and go together. So you can mix and match without committing a cycling fashion fopa.  

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

So what was the final verdict on this kit. I would highly recommend this particular model in the Santini line because it ticks all of the boxes. Simply put its classic and timeless. So when you don't want to put on a club kit or dress as your favorite team and you want to go back to just riding. this is the jersey to put on.  The materials are top notch and so is the construction right down to the little details of the zippers and pockets.  Once again the only thing I can say about the material that Santini uses is it feels like Lingerie, it's that soft. The assembly is first rate and the fit is spot on if your fit. You don't have to be in race shape to wear this line. If you're not and have gained a few extra pounds they have a line for that as well.  

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