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Super G Race Glove

Review: Super G Race Glove

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We Liked

We got a set of these gloves last year and we were skeptical. I personally have not liked neoprene gloves for cycling. I have had neoprene gloves before and I didn't like them because they were thick, hot and made my hands all sweaty. I didn't like them then and so I was skeptical on this one. The Super G Race glove is not like any neoprene glove I have seen. the ones I have had experience with have seams. the Super G race Glove has no seams. You can see that the glove is welded together and so the glove has seams but they are heard to see and you can't feel them. So the Super G Race glove fits like a surgical glove. Its thinner than most if not all of the other neoprene gloves. I have never have as much dexterity with any other neoprene glove I have tried. When I get a product I look to see how much thought went into its development. You can tell by how much detail they did. Here is how I know that these guys did. The inside of the cuff has some silicone beads running the entire circumference. So? Well, that forms a water seal against your skin and keeps water out. Can you show me another glove that has that? Nope...

We Didn't Like

Even though the glove is neoprine I would like to see some silocone on the palm and finers for a little extra grip.

Can it come with custom graphics? That would be really cool..

The Final Say

The sport of cyclocross is a mess one. It gets cold wet and muddy and when that happens you lose your fine motor skills and strength in your digits. Neoprene gloves in the past have been bulky and really cumbersome and to much unless it was Arctic conditions. The Super G Race glove is just what the name implies. Its a super glove for cyclocross when its wet and cold. If you are serious about cyclocross this glove needs to be in your gear bag. At the time of the writing of this review this is the best neoprene glove on the market that we have seen. The Super G Race glove fits like a surgical glove, insulates and keeps your hands warm all the while allowing you the dexterity that you would want in a super glove. Nicely done.

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