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Soigneur Suisse

Review: Soigneur Suisse

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We Liked

We have had this jersey for a while and it soon became clear to us that this is not your typical wool jersey. So much so that we started wearing it more off the bike than on the bike. After a while of wearing this, I realized that I had to put my thoughts down about this unique piece of cycling clothing. The problem is I need to keep it simple. If I only had one word to describe this article of cycling clothing what would it be. I went back and forth between two words and realized that using one with out the other would give only half the picture I am forced to use them both. But before I tell you the co winners I feel I should also mention the runner ups in the adjective contest.

Classic & Timeless are the two main ones that came in right behind the other ones. If you have said "back in the day" and you are referring to a time of cycling that did not have clipless pedals you know what I'm talking about. This is the time period of cycling that I am referring to, the "Pre Clipless" time. this jersey is like a time machine. Once you put it back on the Soigneur Suisse jersey instantly takes you back to that time period. There is some thing about the feel and look of the jersey that does it. Now the cool thin about this jersey is that you can not only wear it on the bike but off the bike as well. You will find your self putting it on to go out. It feels and looks that good!

Luxurious and Functional are the top two winners. I did put luxurious first for a reason. Because that is their first thing that you will feel and think about when you put on a Soigneur jersey. It is very soft and gives the wearer an feeling of comfort second to none. I believe that this is due to two things. First the material that the jersey is made of. Not all wool is created equal. Soigneur uses New Zealand Merino wool. Yeah so what you might ask. Well this is some pretty harsh environment for animals. And the Sheep that live there have the best wool. Traditional sheep just can't handle the harsh highlands of New Zealand they look cute but their wool fiber is larger and very rough. New Zealand sheep wool is finer and softer. This is why this jersey feels so good against your skin. This means that the jersey can be worn in warm and cold conditions as it breaths. Mother nature is pretty smart with her designs.

So that brings us to the second word of functional. They guys a Soigneur made sure that this was not a t shirt with pockets on the back. The cut is spot on with how a cycling jersey should be made. I cant tell you how many jerseys I have had and end up thinking to my self that the company just didn't take the time to do their home work and get it right. I think I should send them a note that says "Measure twice cut once" please. And because Soigneur did take the time, this jersey moves with you. With the cut and the wool the jersey seems to have almost a 4 way stretch to it. This means when you reach you really don't feel the jersey's fabric resisting you movement. Very nice!

We Didn't Like

We have had this jersey for a bit now and at the time they didn't make any long sleeve but checking in with the company they offer one now. So nothing about the product itself. But I would say that they should offer the jersey in a long sleeve with a few base colors. Blue, red, green black and orange would be my suggestion.

Will you make a cycling cap?

The Final Say

In the ever growing field of cyclocross there is a group of people that don't want to be on the "Team". They are privateers and usually wear plain jersey and shorts. They shun the Sponsored look and seek out a simpler classic style. Those people also don't have to have the latest gadgets and tend to be more about "go" than "show". Their style is simple and functional. This person revels in the actual experience in the race and the love of the sport and suffering in the elements.

The Soigneur Suisse jersey meets this criteria but even thought it has a simple and classic look to it. It is WAY, WAY more than that. It is a soft, warm and very functional piece of cycling clothing that feels very luxurious against your skin. I bet you will find yourself commuting in this one on a regular basis. Seems like a smart choice as the wool fibers resist odors. More please!

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