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Skyline Pant

Review: Skyline Pant

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We Liked

I want to start off by talking about Showers pass. They are a local company here in Portland OR that specializes in making wet weather gear and have been doing so since 1997. If you going to do that kind of specialty stuff you should be in a place where its wet a lot of the time. And when I say a lot of the time, I really mean it. You can go into just about any bike shop here in Portland OR and tell what kind of riding weather we have by what they stock. You will see lots of lights and fenders and rain gear in evey bike shop here in Portland OR. That is one of the reasons that Showers Pass has set up shop here in the Pacific Northwest. Showers Pass prides themselves on making the best wet weather stuff around.

Now, I want to point out that I said wet weather gear and not rain gear. I want to point that out because the Skyline pant is NOT a rain pant. Even though the guys at road.cc think it is.

"A crucial factor for any waterproof trousers is that they actually are waterproof. The Skylines really shine here. From commutes in drizzle, to hail, to full on apocalypse rain my legs stayed warm and dry." road.cc

Its NOT. So do not have the expectation that it is a rain pant or it will leave you disappointed. The reason is because of the 4 way bereathable streatch side pannel is not waterproof. If you are in the rain it will get wet and it will soak down to your sock and you have wet feet. TRUST me on this. I know first hand and after that I went to showers pass HQ and talked to them about the pant and all its features. Don't try and use a hammer to tighten a bolt. It dose not work. So what are the skyline pants? They are a cool-cold weather, the roads are wet pant. Showers pass only uses high quality materials and operates in "its all in the details". So with that being said I'm going to run down the nice things about this pant that make this a pant for 3 seasons.

  • Fit: I like the way the legs are tapered so the pant mimics the shape of your leg. The Skyline pant won't be flapping around in the wind like a plastic bag. One of the reason I believe is the cut of the fabric is not just one dimensional. Its obvious to me there is a lot of thought that went into the ergonomics of the construction of the pant. Some companies just use two pieces of fabrice and sew it together. Showers pass didn't do that.
  • Elite Fabric: This fabric is top of the line waterproof material. You will find this on pants costing hundreds more and the quality means that the water will stay out and it will last a long time.
  • Soft shell: To help the pant move with you Showers pass put water proof soft shell fabric at the knees of the skyline pant. This allows the pant to move and conform with you has you move.
  • Side panel: So there are two parts to this pant. The waterproofness and the breathability of the pant. The 4 way streatch side pannel serves two purposes. It helps keep the pant conforming to your body when you ride. This lets you move more freely or unrestricted as you ride because we all know that the more waterproof somthing is the less flexable it is. The second half to this is thermo regulation. The side panel breaths so you wont get uber hot and have this rain forest inside your pants from all of the riding that you are doing.
  • Over tape: As I said in the above paragraph Showers Pass is all about the details. One of the details is the seams. Showers Pass does a great job at taping up the seams of the pant with waterproof tape so no water can get in that way.
  • Drop down ankle tongue: So if you have ridden in the rain before and your feet have gotten wet it usually happens when you bring your leg up and that will usually expose just a small section of your shin. It gets wet, the water runs down and hits your sock and BOOM your foot is wet and cold. The Skyline pant has a tongue at the front that you can drop down that will block that if you have that problem.
  • Reflective trim: Like all Showers pass products the Skyline pant has reflective trim around the shin and bottom of the pant. This is on both sides of the zippers and on a small section of the thigh.
  • Suspender tabs: Do you hate being bent over and your pants are being pulled down in the back every time in the pedal stroke you bring your leg up? If you are one of those guys then rejoice because Showers pass has put special tabs for suspenders so you don't pull your pants down while your riding.
  • Key Pocket: So instead of standing at the door and reaching around behind your back for your key Showers pass put in a pocket for you to have your key or Credit card or other small id with you with out the fear of losing it during a ride.

We Didn't Like

First, I would like a little more length on the pant. Not much more but about an inch or 2. Secondly, I would also like to see little more reflective material on the back of the thigh or hip for increased safety.

The Final Say

So if you don't ride in the rain much. Ride when the roads are wet and cold then this pant is a good fit for you. The fabric is top notch and the construction is first rate with attention to detail. The soft shell panel at the knees lets the pant move with you while your riding. The Side panel also keeps the pant moving with your body and allows for breathability so you won't feel like your wearing a plastic bag. So there is the trade off with this pant. Because of the 4 way stretch side panel the pant is not water proof. Trust me on this. I went out for 40 min in the rain, no fenders and I got wet. The guys at road.cc think it is and I'm sure that they have rain in the UK. But it seems that they actually didn't ride in the rain with this pant as they claimed. Looks like they didn't even go to the Showers pass web site and looked at the technical chart on the skyline pant. Which clearly states that the pant is only a 2 star waterproofness rating. So how do I feel about this pant? I'm giving this pant 5 cowbells. WHY? Because for the application that it is designed to do the skyline pant excels in doing what it was made for. The waterproof front and the breathable side panel will extend the range and use of the pant. Race cars are not moving vans right? Well this is a spring/ fall/ winter, wet road pant that will last you for years. Showers pass constructed the Skyline pant with the best materials available. If you won't go out until the rain has stopped or you commute has some wet roads in the winter time then this is a good fit for you. Essentially its a 3 season pant that looks like a rain pant but is not. So if I was testing this pant as a rain pant it would fail. But I did not do that. While I was at the Showers pass HQ I got to see some stuff that was coming out. I can't tell you what I saw but I can tell you that I am looking forward to all of the new stuff that is coming out of Showers pass this year in 2014. More to come!

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