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SIDI Diablo GTX Shoes

Review: SIDI Diablo GTX Shoes

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We Liked

SIDI has two winter riding shoes on the market, with the Diablo developed for off road. SIDI's designers started with the Dominator platform, made it into a 3/4 boot, then added Gore-Tex and winter insulation. With attention to detail in typical SIDI fashion, they even made the Diablo slightly bigger to accommodate thicker winter socks. The GTX will protect you from the elements and has the added bonus of an ankle guard on the medial side of the shoe. This is a slight pad that is covered by a semi-pliable rubber shield. Three Velcro straps (non-replaceable) and a larger neoprene strap at the ankle cuff provide plenty of flexibility with fit. Nice finishing touches, guys! As mentioned in the design section, the tongue is integrated into the shoe so water can't get in that way. In fact, the only way water is going to get into this boot is if your tights go into the boot itself and your tights get wet and the water is wicked down into the boot from your tights. Or you step in water deep enough that it goes over the boot. Not to leave anything to chance, SIDI knew that you would have limited daylight for your winter romp. By adding a reflective SIDI logo on the back of the heel cup, you have improved visibility and more likelihood of being seen by motorist in low or no light situations. As for the evaluation, this shoe really works! I raced in the Cyclocross National Championships in Bend, OR at 9:30 am when it was a blistering 35 degrees. Ice, snow, and slush were as far as the eye could see. The Diablos kept my feet warm and dry for the entire race. Gore-Tex! We absolutely love that our feet were warm and dry and were protected from the elements. During the race, I went down a couple of times and the ankle guard on the boot protected my ankles from getting banged up. The added ankle protection that SIDI put on the sides rocks!

We Didn't Like

When you get the shoe, you don't get any toe spikes and have to purchase them separately. For the price of the shoes, SIDI should toss them in box. Other companies, such as Pearl Izumi, Diadora, and Mavic, include toe spikes with the shoe purchase. Additionally, I would also like to see the same buckle on the Dominators added to the Diablos.

The Final Say

If you do any cyclocross racing or commuting in the winter time, the Diablo is the perfect shoe for you. They keep your feet warm and dry, enabling you to get through the toughest winter storm that you dare to venture out in. Even though they are expensive, the Diablos will last for years because of their excellent design and construction.

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