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Senza Jacket

Review: Senza Jacket

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We Liked

We always look forward to seeing what Castelli will come out with in the winter time. What new and cool stuff will they come up with to allow us to go out into the winter to train while others are stuck in the safe warm indoors restricted to the purgatory of a stationary trainer. One of the items is their Senza Jacket. So I would ask you this question to who is reading this review. Have you had some thing fitted to you by a Taylor? A nice suit or dress? And when it fits it fits well and shows off your shape and you look great and you feel great. This is what it feels like to put this jacket on. This jacket feels like a taylor took it in at all of the right places. The sleeves are long enough the waist conforms and you have a nice shape. So I don't feel like I'm wearing a jacket that was made for someone else. if you are having some preseason weight to get off don't waste your time in the mirror this baby will just tell you. So getting on to the fabrics. The outside of the jacket is made with Gore Windstopper X-Fast fabric. So you have a wind blocker that is water resistant. Its not a rain jacket. Light spray will bead up on it to keep you dry. The Senza jacket is lined with high loft fleece and that one of the best parts of the jacket. This high loft fleece is super soft and warm. Here are a few of the things that we liked about this functional winter jacket.

  • Pockets in back and on the chest.
  • High collar
  • Wind blocker on the Zipper liner
  • Several colors to match your kit
  • Trim racer cut
  • Stylish
  • Zippers are easy to grab with gloves

We Didn't Like

The Final Say

Are you looking for a winter jacket is is functional and good looking? Then the Castelli Senza jacket should be in the mix. Its classic Italian style and uses cutting edge fabrics that make it wind proof and warm. the jacket is very trim so if you put on the extra winter kilos you will know it. The Senza jacket will motivate you to make sure that you keep the kilos off. The jacket is very functional so much that you will more likely use it with just a base layer. If you need to wear a base layer and another jersey underneath it you will need to wear something thin. Remember that this is a racer cut and there is not a lot of room. Speaking of room for such a trim cape you don't feel restricted and one of my FAVORITE things is that the sleeve length is generous. So with that said if the weather turns really bad you can put a rain jacket over it and if your not protected at that point its probably too dangerous to be out side riding your bike. Bottom line the jacket is highly functional very stylish and is built to last.

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