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Sealskinz waterproof all weather multi-activity Glove with Fusion control

Review: Sealskinz waterproof all weather multi-activity Glove with Fusion control

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We Liked


We Didn't Like

  • Cuff very short
  • Bulky
  • Cuff closure can not really close well
  • Bulky fingers
  • No reflectivity
  • Not waterproof

The Final Say

Ok here is the deal. If your hands are wet and cold you are miserable and your ability to shift, brake and steer your bike is greatly diminished. Keeping you hands dry is a big deal and I am really picky on what I put on my hands. Seal skinz is a company out of the UK that has been making gloves, socks and hats for the outdoor sporting industry for over 25 years. Now I know that the UK has bad wet weather. But apparently the people that are designing the gloves for cycling don't actually ride or ride in wet or bad weather. Because I headed out into the wet and my hands were wet 10 minutes into my 2 hour ride. And it only went downhill from there. Not only did the gloves fill up with water but they were bulky and made doing fine motor tasks very very difficult. So zipping , unzipping my rain jacket, getting food out of my back pocket were all difficult. Plus the glove has no reflectivity on it at all. For the price of $85 USD I would expect more from this glove. So what is wrong with the glove? The cuff is too short and that means that my wrist got wet and so did my hands. So when choosing a rain glove it needs to have a long cuff so there is overlap coverage of the rain jacket and the glove. Also think that the glove is so breathable that holding onto the handlebars puts pressure on the hands and forces water past the water barrier. I know that this sounds silly but waterproofness is measured in pressure and then a waterproof rating is given. I could feel water come through my palms.. The gloves outer shell is not treated with a DWR and so all this fabric did was soak up the water and get heavy. No beading of water at all. Just heavy wet gloves with cold wet hands inside. This was an epic fail as far as waterproof gloves go.  

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