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SealSkinz All Weather Cycle Gloves

Review: SealSkinz All Weather Cycle Gloves

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We Liked

So we are familiar with SealSkinz as we did a review of thier waterproof gloves a few years back. Now the UK company has expanded their outdoor product line to include making cycling specific products. This cycling line includes hats, gloves and socks. The line of cycling gloves is extensive as they have committed to making a full line of cycling gloves from summer to winter.

In the dry cool to cold weather, the gloves perform good. Our hands were dry and warm and had no complaints. We have listed some of the things that we did like about the gloves below.

  • Lightweight,
  • Pre-curved box finger construction for warmth and dexterity
  • 3D ‘natural feel’ providing flexibility
  • Pressure point padding provides comfort
  • Silicone contact point mapping increases grip
  • Extended stretch cuffs with 3D rear closures for a more efficient fit

We Didn't Like

After 30 minute, the gloves started to leak and soaked up a lot of water, with most of the water coming in though the transitional fabric between the thumb and the index finger.

We received several pairs of the gloves (6) and found that there was no size consistency between the styles. So a large in one style was not a large in another style. To us this meant that each style was using a different factory and QC was not consistent across the board.

The gloves are made with multiple layers of different fabrics. Each layer has a specific purpose or job to do. Moisture wicking, water barrier, heat retention, etc... When we removed the glove, the lining followed our hands and completely separated from the outer shell the fifth time we put them on. Basically pulling the insides out. Stuffing the proper fingers back into the glove was a tedious and time consuming exercise in patients (chopsticks, anyone?). The gloves were successful in exhausting all of mine.

After 2 months of commuting in the rain and winter I can say that these gloves need to go back to the drawing board and need a redesign.

The Final Say

With over 25 years of being in business and a long history of making waterproof garments for the outdoors, we thought that SealSkinz would be able to get it right with the cycling gloves. However this was not the case. Now, in all fairness SealSkinz got the other stuff right. Both the hat and the socks that we tested were great as well as the gloves that we tested several years ago. Plain and simple, there were several things were not right with SealSkinz winter cycling water proof gloves.

The fit on the gloves was all over the board. I can understand that a large glove for one company just might be a medium for another company. I get that, but when you get several pairs of larges from one company and they all fit differently then that's not right. Next the gloves are constructed with several layers of different fabrics that are designed to do different things. All of these layers need to work together and stay together. When we took our hands out of them we pull the glove internal fabric layers right out of the glove separating them from the outer shell of the glove. This should not happen at all and trying to get the fabric back in the glove is a real pain. Can you think how frustrated I got when I had to take a glove off in the middle of a ride in the rain and have to do do this?

If you say its waterproof it better be waterproof. Because, if its not we will find out. Here in Portland, OR it rains and if you don't ride in the rain, then you really don't get to ride a lot. I'm not going to take this glove out when it sprinkles/misting and call it water proof. I'm going out on a 1.5 -3 hour ride when its raining. After a 40 min ride home our gloves were soaked and filled with water so much that we were literally wringing them out in the bath tub when we got home. These gloves are not water proof. This gloves were a big disappointment. If you get these gloves, all you will get is a lighter wallet with heavy, cold wet hands. Sorry SealSkinz these gloves got clubbed. Please recall them and redo them.

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