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Seal Skinz Hydro Stop Sock

Review: Seal Skinz Hydro Stop Sock

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We Liked

  • Good water proof material for the main foot
  • Nice toes construction
  • Welded seams make it almost seamless
  • Hydrostop gasket
  • Lifetime guarantee

We Didn't Like

The top cuff is made out of regular material and is essentially a sponge. The Hydro stop is a GREAT idea but its in the wrong place. Its placed on the grey regular fabric so all it really does is hold the sock up. The Hydrostopwon't stop the water from getting in.

The Final Say

Seal skins has been making water proof stuff for a long time now and they are from a place that is cold and wet (UK). Seal Skinz offer a wide range of gloves, hats and socks aimed at getting people outside and working as hard as the people wearing them. We work hard in cyclocross and we are always looking for a sock that will keep our feet warm and dry in the cold wet fall and winter. The Hydrostop sock does a great job at fit and warmth. Its seamless construction is spot on and its main water proof material does its job like its suppose to. However, we cant recommend this sock because the cuff is essentially a water sponge. Its made out of non water proof fabric. In several rain rides our feet kept getting either wet or soaked. We set out on a mission to find out why this was happening. Its not like you can put the sock on the wrong foot. No batteries, no moving parts, no blue tooth to pair. So what the culprit of this water invasion? Its the top cuff! When held up to a light the cuff is transparent and if you held it to your mouth you could easily breath through the material. The Hydrostop material is a great idea but its located in the wrong location and all it essentially does is hold the sock in position on your calf. Water will saturate the top cuff and allow water to come down your leg OR if it hits your regular sock BAM! its drawn all the way down. Annnnd your feet are now wet. Part of our service is that we give constructive feedback and so we are already scheduled for a conference call with Seal Skinz... Post phone call with Seal Skinz: So the conversation with Seal Skinz was very enlightening. Their representative made some very good points. The first one is expectation. What should your expectation be with a water proof sock? Well they pointed out that no one on the market has a waterproof sock that will keep you feet totally dry all of the time and that any system can be overwhelmed. True. Now, the other thing that Seal Skinz pointed out was that the system can be over whelmed from the inside. If you feet sweat a lot and the out side is saturated with water then the sweat can not go anywhere. True. So I guess you have to have realistic expectations with how you think the sock will preform. Next it was pointed out that this was a low sock and that cuff is right in that splash zone. the splash zone is where the water is thrown up from the front wheel on your shoe and shin. When suiting up to go out into the wet I expect to get wet. Or how long do I expect that some parts will stay dry? the conclusion I came away with is this is not the sock for the Pacific NW. Colorado sure but not PDX. With that said Seal Skinz agreed that their tallerMTB sock would be a better choice. So even though this sock is not our choice for the road conditions that we tested it in we are going to give the tallerMTBwater proof sock a go.

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