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Seal Skinz Gloves

Review: Seal Skinz Gloves

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We Liked

When the gloves first arrived for evaluation, I was a bit disappointed that it was not raining here in Portland. But Mother Nature had other plans as the winds picked up and the temperature dropped making riding colder than normal. As the Waterproof Gloves are also windproof and breathable, they have a bigger temperature range than your average set of dot gloves and worked pretty well in this regard. The gripper dots on the gloves are really sticky with plenty of issue with slipping. SealSkinz's designers also included a waterproof cuff that is longer than normal. Extra-long cuffs keep the cold elements out while trapping the heat in. They these gloves definitely have a lot of protection to offer.

We Didn't Like

The SealSkinz Waterproof Gloves look very plain and do not have any graphics on the them. It's not clear whether this was intentional, but we would like to see a more visually appealing glove. The breathability of the Waterproof Gloves in varying temperatures also needs to be addressed. In warmer Fall weather (55 - 65 degrees), the gloves were not as breathable as desired. In cooler situations (below 55 degrees), the gloves were able to keep up.

The Final Say

If you are ride in the Fall, you know that the weather and temperature can change quickly. When hands are cold, wet or both, the rider will be completely miserable. That's where SealSkinz steps in. While they look like normal dot gloves, they are much warmer than you might expect. SealSkinz Black Gloves are light, packable, wind and water proof! You definitely need a pair of these! Enough said.

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