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Seal Skins Cycling Hat

Review: Seal Skins Cycling Hat

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We Liked

Here in the Pacific NW it rains a lot and its something that I have gotten use to. If you don't ride in the rain you really don't ride. And we are always looking for stuff to keep us dryer and more comfortable during those times. Sure there are helmet covers and those are great but they are really not the same as a rain cap. The bill of the cap can keep the water and wind from your eyes and what if it rains and then it sun comes out? Or if its pouring rain and the sun is shining bright at the same time. Been there done that and that is nothing but epic when you are racing in that with 60 of your closest friends let me tell you. Then that is when you need a rain cap the most. Seal skins came through with a great product that is fashionable and functional. This is not the first review we have done from the company that is originally from across the pond. Seal Skins has re-launched this year in the US with a new line of performance cycling gloves, socks and hats. This is one of the many hats that they are offering to the cycling community. This cycling cap is exactly how they described it "Classically styled" and "Low Profile". The only thing that gives it away that its no ordinary cycling cap is the very small Seal Skin logo on the bill. Otherwise, it looks like a ordinary black cycling cap.

Classically styled, low profile, 3 panel cycling cap. The perfect all season cap for wearing under your helmet in wet weather.

  • Totally waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • 3 panel construction, with fully welded and taped seams
  • Low bulk – comfortable under a helmet
  • Stylish enough to be worn on its own
  • Short, stiff peak keeps rain and sun out of riders eyes
  • Mesh lined for comfort

We Didn't Like

Nothing. More of a suggestion. Can you offer them in different colors? Like a red or Blue?

The Final Say

Located in the Pacific Northwest, we get a lot rain in the spring and summer time. Really we get a lot of rain no matter what time of the year it is… Around here cycling caps are particularly good item to have and are found in everyone’s race bag, it is part our regions daily clothing choice. Having a cycling cap that is waterproof and breathable is simple just the best if you live temperate climate like ours. Not many companies make a waterproof, breathable cycling caps; I can only think of 3 companies that make them. Seal Skins is a company in the UK that only makes waterproof clothing, so they know waterproof fabric. They have been doing waterproof socks since 1988. If you ride in or race in the rain, then you need one of these period! You won’t disappointed, if you get one, you will reach for it time & time again when heading out to train in rain. Personally this cap has a permanent position in my cx and road race bag! Great job Seal Skins!

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