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Santini Gravel Bib shorts

Review: Santini Gravel Bib shorts

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We Liked

Gravel is now King and so clothing manufacturers are now making gravel specific clothing. If you don't know who Santini is then you are totally new to cycling or have been living under a rock. I have had the pleasure of knowing the Santini family for a long time and have even visited the factory to see the process.

  • 200 g / m2 Gabardine fabric with 25% elastane with a typical dense diagonal rib design
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Light compressive action
  • Ribbed elastic with back in breathable mesh. Nice detail, very high quality.
  • Two pockets on the bottom of the leg, Large pocket that is 14cm in depth. They are very roomy and you can put not only gels but gloves and arm warmers in them.
  • Two additional pockets on the lower back. This is really cool at 12cm in depth but this also means that this is where you store something that you probably don't need to get during the ride. Great lace to put your mini tools. Thus your jersey pockets can hold the stuff you need to get to while you're riding.
  • Reflective logos offer better visibility in low light conditions
  • Elastic grip at the bottom of the leg. These grippers are 6cm in depth and have a very unique design to them. The grip gel is laid out in a honeycomb pattern..This short will not ride up,
  • C3 seat pad. This is Santini touted seamless multiple Density High Shock absorption protective shell. It's a gel short with gel only where you need it.

We Didn't Like

Runs a little small. As cool as the “Santini’ logo is on the thigh and inside the pocket I think that a better placement of the logo would be on the leading or trail edge of the thigh pocket. Or Place it on the gripper section of the leg. Those thigh pockets are going to get used for all sorts of things, not just Gel packets. And in that process covers up the reflective logo.

The Final Say

This pair of shorts is really going to set the standard on all other Gravel shorts going forward. So what we have here is a situation where High quality Italian manufacturing meets some great ideas for a pair of gravel shorts. But I would say that if you are on a long ride that you are not supported then you should seriously consider getting a couple of pairs of these. I hate it being limited to the size of my jersey pockets. The extra pockets in the back I'll use for tool storage or something that I would only reach for when I'm off the bike like my debit card, Id or phone. This means that the jersey pockets can be used for more immediate need items. The thigh pockets ill use for gels/bars and wrappers from food. I'm sure that I have accidently pulled out a wrapper when I pulled out a second bar from my back pocket. This will definitely cut down on accidental road litter. These are all great ideas and what makes it even better is the materials and construction is top notch. A generous large gripper section with a very very strong grippy silicone material means that they will stay in place. Abrasion resistant compression material in the main parts will not only protect you but keep you fresher longer. The Bib straps are super comfy and chances are you wont even know that they are there. I think Santini set a new standard for others to follow.

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