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Reef jersey

Review: Reef jersey

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We Liked

Long time Italian clothing maker and the Belkin pro cycling team got together and made a race jersey for the classics. The end result was the Reef Jersey. The reef jersey is race ready for the all of the hard men and women of the spring races and the muddy cyclocross season. One of the things that make this jersey so great is that it fills a need in the cycling community of in between weather conditions. Its not meant to replace full on rain gear in that is not water proof. The Reef jersey is wind proof and highly water resistant. So when there is road spray, drizzle or anything that would make a rain jacket too much this this is the perfect solution. The fabric is more like a soft shell in that its stretchy to conform to your body so when you are Turing the screw its not flapping in the wind like a sail in a hurricane. This make the Reef pretty aero verses a rain jacket or vest.

  • Cool concept
  • Very functional
  • While not water proof very water resistant
  • Can be used in multiple applications
  • size range is up to 4XL (Clydesdale Athena sizes)
  • Lots of reflective material
  • Elastic sleeve cuffs
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Nice long tail
  • 2 angled pockets
  • Hand made in Italy, No china here

We Didn't Like

The only gripe that we had was that at the time this jersey only comes in one color and that is black. We would like to see it in a few more base colors. A nice red, blue or Pink would be really nice. This would allow you to match it with your team kits main color. So I emailed Paola at Santini and they said that this year you can get the reef done in their custom program.

The rubber grippers in the sleeve works so well that to put the jersey on you need to roll the grippers up to put the jersey on. Otherwise the grippers will grab on to the jersey that you have on already. Doing this allows you to easily put this great piece of weather armor on and then roll down the gripper ends.

The Final Say

If your like me and your race and train in some not so nice weather then you can really appreciate the Santini reef jersey. With all of its features how can you not love this piece. The story behind the Reef was that is was developed with the Belkin pro cycling team to provide their riders a functional race rain jersey that they can use. The Reef is designed to be used over a long sleeve jersey. Personally we found that it works great if you also use it over a base layer and under your skin suit. Using it this way will keep you warm and your upper body mostly dry while you are racing and will keep your sponsors happy as well. Of course you can use the Reef when its cool, windy and some rain is falling when your out on your training ride but you don't need full on rain gear. Unfortunately, the jersey is not waterproof. Even though the fabric is Super highly water resistant the seams on the jersey are not taped and that means water will eventually seep in. Full on rain gear in a race is not really on option. So use the Reef jersey with some Aqua zero arm warmers and some water proof gloves you should be set to focus on the race and the job at hand verses how your teeth are chattering so much you sound like a woodpecker drilling away on a hollow tree. There are several non negotiable things that we keep in our cx race bag. This is gong to be one of them. Whether you race in the spring with the rain and wind or in the cyclocross season If you have the Reef jersey your competition will be jealous that your not as cold and wet as they are.

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