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Rapha CX Jersey

Review: Rapha CX Jersey

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We Liked

Special edition CX design Wrap-around wider hem and sleeve grippers for stable fit during efforts Three rear reinforced gusseted pockets with thicker trim for optimum carrying capacity Contrast sleeves with wrap around grippers for stable fit Three gusseted pockets carry all ride food and tools Snaplock, easy-glide zip for on-the-fly adjustments Made with lightweight 110gsm open-structured polyester fabric for breathability Close knit fabric on the back for sun protection Negative space Pro Team bars RAPHA logo on rear pocket

We Didn't Like

Very monochromatic... Looks like a regualr camo jersey and unless you know that the attern is suppose to resembel the mud in various CX races from around the world you would not know. I would add in a splash of color (Orange or Lt. Blue) like on the logo or lettering. Next have the name of the race on the pannel that its suppose to represent.

The extra wide hem is a nice touch! However that means eveything is pushed up and that includes the back pockets.. So this makes it difficult to acess while riding. I would recomend that you make the bakc of the jersy a little bit longer but Keep the wide hem.

The Final Say

In the world of cyclocross there are very few companies that have made a jersey just for this special niche of the cycling world. Rapha has stepped in to pay tribute to the men and women that will brave the harsh riggers and elements of cyclocross. I must say I have tested and evaluated more cycling clothing than I care to admit. To date I can say that the construction of this jersey is the best. Its fabric is top tier and its stitching is the best I have seen. The cut and pattern of the jersey is also the best. There are lots of panels with several different types of fabric all working together for a great fit. So why didn’t I give it 5 cowbells? Well all the things I listed are true and accurate but there are some things that I was disappointed in and I think that Rapha can do better.. First If you did not know that it was a Cx tribute jersey you would ot know and think its a camo jersey. The pattern on the jersey has nothing that would tell you that it's cyclocross. So I think that they should put some names on the patterns of the races that it is paying tribute to. Next Its a little monochromatic and I think that it needs a splash of color something like Orange or a light Belgium Blue to give it a little bit of a punch. Finally the awesome extra wide hem at the bottom is great but it pushes the pockets up and that makes accessing them while riding difficult. So 2 cosmetics (my taste) and 1 design moan. Otherwise it's a great jersey to go ride or race in.

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