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North Wave Razer Shoe

Review: North Wave Razer Shoe

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We Liked

White and Red with Italian Style. The first thing I noticed when I pulled the Razer out of the box was the bright Red and white colors of the shoe. These shoes make a statement and they don't whisper it either. I presented the Razors to a few people to get their impressions. The people that I showed the shoes to just knew that they were Italian. You have to have style when your turning yourself inside out for an hour in the rain and mud. If your not that fast you will look fast in these shoes. I wonder if there is any truth to that? Uhmmmmm

The fabric that they shoe is made out of breaths so well that its like it has AC( Air Conditioning) built into the shoe. Not Everyone does cross in Portland OR where its cold and wet all of the time. Most people are going to use their off road shoes not only for cyclocross but a lot in the summer for mountain biking. With that said I was really impressed with how the mesh on these shoes functioned. There were like some one turned the AC unit on full tilt. Do your feet get too hot in the summer? Do your feet sweat a lot? If they do then these shoes just might be right for you.

The NorthWave Razor comes with the classic 2 straps and buckle that we expect from all high end off road shoes. So getting in and out was simple and easy to use. The cool thing about the buckle is that it has a single or multiple release capability. This means you can loosen it out one notch or many notches in a single movement.

Super grippy soles are a nice departure from the normal hard plastic soles that I normally see on the bottoms of off road shoes. This means that when you put your foot on the ground the rubber sole conforms more to the ground and that means more grip. We like grip, grip is good.

We Didn't Like

Sometimes you just can't have it both ways, even though we want to have the best of both worlds, in this instance we can't. The mesh is so good. I think its too good at keeping your feet cool. When it got wet and cold so did our feet. We had to use waterproof socks to solve this problem. So it would be nice if it didn't have as much breathable fabric in the toe box.

The other thing we would change is that this shoe should come with skinny spikes. The shoes come with a standard set of soccer spikes. If you need spikes and I mean NEED, then the conditions are so bad that you don't want your shoes to hang on to the mud. Skinny long spikes will not hold onto the mud when you are running. Also, you need penetration and clearance. Skinny spikes please!

The Final Say

So what did we think about this shoe. It was stiff but not too stiff. Overall, Its a really good off road shoe. If you race cyclocross in a wide temperature range with not a lot of wet then this shoe warrants a serious look. The Northwave is rugged with a excellent grippy sole and plenty of features to keep your feet happy all of the time that you are out on the trail. If you also do a lot of mountain biking in the summer then this shoe would be a really good choice as well.

However, if you pray for rain and mud and you usually get it, then this shoe may not be a good choice. Your feet will end up either wet or cold if not both. When your feet are cold and wet you are miserable. At that point you may also consider getting North Waves winter shoe. We are looking forward to dong a review of them. Hup hup!

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