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NanoFlex Bib Knickers

Review: NanoFlex Bib Knickers

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We Liked

I got lucky this time. Castelli usually runs small as its Italian and the Italians know it and the rest of us have to deal with it. When I got home and pulled open the package from Castelli USA and tried on the nanoflex bib knickers they fit me and I didn't have to send them back and get a larger pair. However, You really should try on a pair as Castelli before you buy. I can wear the large and I think I could wear the XL but they might be a little big on me. Anyway, the pair that I got fit me like a second skin and felt very comfortable. Standing up, sitting down even after several hours on the bike they were very very comfortable.

So what do they feel like? The Castelli Nanoflex bib knickers feel luxurious to the touch on the outside and are brushed fleece on the inside so you wont be disappointed. Your skin might even send you thank you notes for getting such a garment.

Ok so they fit good, feel nice but how warm are they? I moved to Portland form Colorado and its funny to me for it to be 40 degrees outside and you see your breath. I'm use to 40 at 6,000 feet with very little humidity and only when it dips into the 30's that you see your breath. So as luck would have it we had the perfect whether to try the Nanoflex bib knickers out in. It was cold and wet with over cast sky's. The rain was not heavy but enough to make you wear rain gear. either way we weren't cold at all. So good job in this department Castelli!

Most companies will put elastic or some kind of retention on the cuff of their knickers to keep them in place around your leg. The smaller the band the tighter it needs to be to hold its place. Another way to achieve this is to have more surface area and decrease the tension. This is exactly what Castelli did. Their legs cuffs are longer and use more surface area to grip. Castelli uses a separate Lycra fabric that is impregnated with silicon to give the knickers grip.

Lastly Castelli put their KISS pad in the Nanoflex bib knickers. Now we get all kinds of clothing in and some pads we like and some we don't. Pads are like saddles and is more taste rather than a rule. Like 25c tires are faster on the road vs. 23c. Pads are not. Either way we like the kiss pad from Castelli and had no issues with it.

We Didn't Like

The only thing that we didn't like about the Castelli Nanoflexbib knickers was that the Castelli logos started to come off after about 3 washes. I want to say that we did follow the instructions on the tag. Wash in cold water with like colors, hang to dry, no dryer. But, even though this was some what disappointing It doses not surprise me given the high level of water repellency this fabric has.

The Final Say

This is an excellent piece. The fit is superb and the material is pretty amazing. while riding in the rain I can see all of the water beading up on my leg and even though its not water proof you really don't need that on the thighs. The thighs don't get that wet from rain and get no splash. Now, If I was in a road race this might be a little different. This is on of my favorites with bib knickers. Its warm, It dries quickly, highly water resistant and it fits like a glove. This is one of those pieces that I am defiantly going to keep in my cx bag all year long. Thanks Castelli for making such a great garment.

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