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Nalini Boga Knickers

Review: Nalini Boga Knickers

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We Liked

The cool retro graphics. The fabric is super soft, but at the same time, it's not super thin.

We Didn't Like

Not a lot to complain about with this piece of clothing except the garment tags are very big. Please use smaller tags. We found that they were itchy.

The Final Say

In cyclocross, it’s not uncommon to ride or race in bib knickers. Quite frankly, finding knickers with the correct fit has always been a challenge for me. If the cut is not just right, they simply don’t fit right. When I wear knickers, I have to have freshly shaved legs as part of my race prep. Like most guys, my leg hair is very thick and coarse, with the hair growth pointing down. If I have any stubble, the garment will not stay in place and will work it's way downward. Nothing is worse than catching the crotch fabric on the back edge of the saddle when you are remounting in a race. This was not the case with the Boga knickers as the material stayed in place. The knickers are very nice, offering an excellent fit and chamois. But the real surprise was the fabric. I was amazed at how soft and warm the Boga was considering that it's not a heavyweight knicker. The unusual thing about the performance of this lightweight garment is that it has the ability to extend it's temperature range into the realm of other medium weight knickers. Normally I am referring to the operational temperature range of the garment. In this instance, I am referring to the physical weight of the fabric used in the garment. The Boga test ride was in the mid 50s’s and overcast. I was slightly concerned that I might be under-dressed. Normally I would have to adjust the knickers with a pull here or a tug there. But the Boga was very comfortable and didn't require any adjustments. I really liked the fabric that they used in this garment. The Boga knickers utilize two different fabrics. The primary material is Interpower, which has dual roles. First, it has a particular weave that reduces the contact points between the garment and the skin. This gives a very pleasant sensation to the wearer. The second role of the Interpower fabric is that it has excellent sweat wicking ability, which quickly moves the sweat on the skin to the outer part of the garment. Cordura fabric in the crotch makes up the second fabric, which provides protection from abrasion. The knickers have a silicone band at the end of the leg to prevent them from moving and reflective tape on the back. The chamois is their PTN HF Professional pad. Very nice! The Boga knickers are definitely worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone that wanted a work horse in their stable that could operate in a wide temp range with comfort.

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