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MyInspireWear Sports Bra

Review: MyInspireWear Sports Bra

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We Liked

Bamboo and cotton for a sports bra? I was immediately intrigued by the promise of softness and comfort of the sports bra fabric on the My Inspire Wear website. Too good to be true? I'd heard of clothing made of bamboo but not really in high performance athletic wear. If you're looking for a "green" fabric in athletic apparel, it's usually high-tech microfiber made from recycled plastic. Which is also highly effective and amazing, but if you're looking for something a little closer to the earth you don't have many options.

When we recieved our package and I pulled the cute My Inspire Wear bras out, the softness right out of the bag fulfilled the first website promise. I tried it on and, yep, comfortable too! Two for two. I love the fit, not too tight nor too sloppy. I'm a 'tweener size, in between small and medium and I have a hard time fitting anything. I hate too-tight clothing, especially sports bras, so I opted for a medium. Inge, our other female test pilot, found the bra comfortable and the sizing true to bra size as well. If you're on the cusp, but prefer a tighter fit, go for the smaller size. If you like less tight, go for the larger size.

If you're really not sure, call or email the company and ask! They were very helpful to us as we were figuring all that out.

I love how this fabric doesn't seem to hold onto sweaty body odor. Many fabrics start to stink after just a few minutes, but not this bamboo/cotton/spandex blend. Sure, if you didn't wash this sports bra between workouts it would probably get a little ripe. With normal use and multiple launderings according to instructions, the function of the fabric didn't seem to change.

I also like the price. You can find similar bras for a little more and a little less. What makes the My Inspire Wear sports bras different, besides the comfort of course, is the simplicity, quality and inspiring messaging. The purple bra gets the message "achieve." Cream gets "breathe," pink: "courage" and black: "strength." Plus, according to the website, if you buy two bras you get a bracelet. That doesn't happen with other sports bras at any price!

We Didn't Like

While I love the softness and comfort, I do wish the My Inspire Wear sports bra offered a little more support for higher impact activities. As is, this bra is perfect for weight lifting, stretching, trainer riding, easy road bike rides, yoga, hiking, and possibly low-impact aerobics and dance, but I need more support for bumpy 'cross or mountain bike rides, running and plyometrics. Even so, the My Inspire Wear bra is not billed for high-intensity sports, so it's not falling short of expectations or promises by any means.

While the wicking properties of this sports bra is plenty to keep you comfortable indoors, really heavy sweat doesn't seem to evaporate quickly, especially from around the elastic band. Again, this sports bra is not billed as an extreme adventure bra, just consider if you're going to be cold and wet and outside for hours and hours, you'll probably want to stick to bras made of non-cotton microfibers.

And I really wish the My Inspire Wear sports bras were available in stores. It's great to be able to touch them and try them on. But the www.myinspirewear.com website is really informative and helpful, and of course you can buy them right there.

The Final Say

The attractive My Inspire Wear Sports Bra is a very worthwhile addition to your workout wardrobe. It may not replace all your sports bras for all activities, but when you need a little support and modesty, and a lot of comfort and softness for light to moderate excercise, you'll probably be reaching for this bra out of your collection. It's like your jammies, but in a bra!

Post-race, this is a great bra to pull on when you need to get out of your wet, muddy, stinky kit and sports bra. The My Inspire Wear bra feels so warm and cozy... and you can do your cooldown and not need to change yet again for the long drive home.

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