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Merino Mesh Base Layer

Review: Merino Mesh Base Layer

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We Liked

One of the things that every cyclocross racer needs in their bag is a selection of base layers. You need some light weight ones and some heavy ones and one of two with wind blocker. This selection is critical tohelp you regulate your temperature while your racing. Now I have seen a lot of base layers and Ralpha has come thorough with something really special. This is a mesh wool base layer. And it is A-Maze-ING! its one of my favorite pieces in that its a 4 season piece. You can wear this thing in the summer time. So it is super versatile. So what are the things we like about this piece?

  • super soft
  • 4 seasons
  • Marino wool

We Didn't Like

What is the down side of this uber cool base layer? Well it needs special care. So when you wash it you should put it in a laundry mesh bag so it doesn't catch on anything and get ripped apart.

The Final Say

Like I said earlier if you race cyclocross you need a few different kinds of base layers for your race bag. Whether conditions can change from race to race and you can show up and its 70 and then in a few hours a front moves through. The Ralpha Marino wool base layer is a base layer like no other on the market and has a very wide temperature range that you can wear it at. We found that this base layer very very comfortable to wear and we didn't feel hot in it and we would even forget that we were wearing it.

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