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Men's Super/DS™ Stretchdown Hooded Jacket

Review: Men's Super/DS™ Stretchdown Hooded Jacket

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We Liked

  • RDS certified
  • Track your down
  • 700 fill
  • 8 different colors
  • Elastic band sleeve
  • Elastic cord draw
  • Inside right pocket
  • Generous left Nepoleon pocket
  • Earbud port in Nepoleon pocket
  • Got right through to customer care.

We Didn't Like

  • Nothing on the site or tags ( tags were unreadable) tells you how to care for the jacket.  I had to call MH and get to customer service to be directed to a external link.  
  • Product page should have that link on it.  Here is the link.
  • MH should make a recomendaiton on the type of soap for the down.  
  • MH says its 700 fill but does not tell yo if it is duck or goose down.

The Final Say

We love cyclocross but we don't love everything about cyclocross. We love the mud and the spectacle of cyclocross, beer, frites and the atmosphere. However, it can get cold at the venues and standing around being cold is not fun at all. So we took a look at a particular jacket from a major manufacturer (Columbia). The Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown hoodie offers a lot of features that other jackets in this category come close but fall short. This jacket does a great job in warmth and being lightweight. Why? 700 fill Goose down and not duck down like less expensive jackets. This means that it's a lightweight jacket and it's warm. Not a jacket that is warm for its weight.. Have you heard of marginal gains? What MH did was make a jacket with large square bellows without having to use stitches. This means that the Stretchdown Hoodie jacket will have No stitch holes and that means No feather leakage, fewer cold spots, no down migration and less heat escape. That alone makes this a great jacket. Now you add in all of the other features of the stretch fabric the additional pockets, draw stings and all of the items listed in what we like makes this jacket a winner.  

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