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Mavic Scorpio Shoe

Review: Mavic Scorpio Shoe

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We Liked

Who doesn't like a new, white, sexy shoe? I tried to wait to get them good an muddy to give a true cx review of the shoe, but I can not wait any longer and the weather is only getting drier. As someone who has basically not chosen which shoe to wear for many years, I found this shoe extremely and perhaps surprisingly comfy. Perhaps Mavic's Ergo Fit 2D Women is really not just a men's insert renamed. Although I tend to have a fairly low volume foot, I found it could accommodate and wrap around without pressure points and that the heal did not slip. It is of average width and although I felt the top strap with the buckle was positioned a bit high, the cushioned tongue, Mavic's Ergo 3D EVA tongue insert, made your foot feel secure. This shoe will be able to accomodate a large range of foot shapes, but some may find the toe box a bit crunched. It was perfect for me.

The shoe is not carbon, and therefore there was more flex in the sole and it ran well. The Mavic Contagrip provided good stability on gravel and uneven terrain when off the bike. It appears to be durable, but I did not get to ride it enough to wear it out. I liked the release on the buckle once I figured out how to use it. It was counter intuitive for me. I really liked the injected rubber toe protection. As someone who spends a lot of time on the trails, this is a nice durability and protective feature.

We Didn't Like

This is definitely not the stiffest shoe on the market, but for the price, the performance is more than adequate. I would worry about the velcro once muddy and wet. The true test will be several weekend of Oregon CX racing in the fall.

The Final Say

If you are looking for a moderately priced, non-carbon shoe for riding and racing, try this one on! The aesthetics are very simple and pleasing and will go with anything. You choose: black or white? It is comfortable and felt good both riding and running. It is not the highest performing shoe, but unfortunately it is the only women's specific cross country shoe Mavic is making. If you want carbon, you will have to jump into a man's shoe and forego the women's specific features they have designed for this shoe.

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