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Mavic Fury 12

Review: Mavic Fury 12

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We Liked

Mavic is a French company best known for their wide range of wheels. In the recent years they have branched out into other categories of cycling accessories including clothing, helmets and shoes.

The Fury is a full on XC/CX race shoe with a full carbon fiber out-sole as well as heel-cup. Two straps and a buckle secure you foot into the shoe.

I took these shoes out for some single speed 'cross and mountain bike riding around Portland and here is what I found.

A have been wearing Mavic road shoes for a number of years because they tend to fit my narrow feet well. This is the same with the Mavic mountain bike shoes. They have a fairly narrow fit and are extremely comfortable. The padding on the top of the shoes hug my foot extremely well while the heel cup holds my foot in place and doesn't ever slip while riding and torquing on the cranks. The lugs on the bottom of the shoe are large and provide a lot of grip to run through whatever terrain you may encounter while not being too soft and breaking down too fast. These lugs are made out of Mavic's proprietary material called "Contragrip". Mavic also supplies two removable toe spikes with the shoes to use when conditions call for toe spikes. I really enjoyed the mesh uppers of the shoes as they stay cool through summer rides and early season cyclocross races. The extremely stiff carbon out-sole transfers power very well. The Contragrip lugs allow you to keep grip during run-ups and while running barriers. The Contragrip soles are have great grip compared to other shoes I've worn. They kept their grip on wet rocks and roots as well as sand and dry dirt. The Mavic buckles and straps are easy to use and fool proof. I have not crashed in the Fury shoes, but I have in the Mavic road shoes (which use the same buckle system) and the buckles stood up to being drug across the ground at 30 mph and are still working today. The straps are simple Velcro and easy to use. They are essentially fool proof and have not given me any issues. They are wide and provide a wide pressure area across the top of the foot.

We Didn't Like

The weight of the Mavic shoes aren't anything to brag about. They are heavy at 335 grams (size 8.5). This really isn't that noticeable while riding and I would always lean towards a more comfortable shoe over a lighter shoe. I personally like the look of the yellow shoes but I can see this being a turnoff to some who don't want their shoes being flashy. That said, they also make a white/black version of this shoe. I can see the stiffness of this shoes being a problem during 'cross races the require a lot of running. These shoes are STIFF! At the end of a 'cross race with long run-ups and mutiple barriers your feet would not be feeling great. Also, you can't have everything in a shoe and the fact that these shoes vent so well in the summer also means your feet will get colder, faster in the winter. The pricing on the Mavic Fury shoe is not the greatest comared to some other well known brands. One of my other go-to cyclocross or mountain bike shoes, the Giro Code run almost $100 less than the Mavic Fury.

The Final Say

Buy this shoe if you're looking for an extremely stiff, comfortable and stylish pair of mountain bike and cyclocross shoes. You can spend hours riding in the Fury shoe and have no hot spots or pressure points. If your riding/racing requires a large amount of running or off the bike activity, I would look towards a different shoe. This would be a great shoe for someone with narrow to medium width feet. Anything wider than that might find these shoes slightly uncomfortable.

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