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Luminite bootie

Review: Luminite bootie

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We Liked

There is a saying not only in cycling but in all sports. If your hands and feet are warm then you will be happy in the worst conditions. because we live in the pacific northwest we are on a never ending quest for a good rain bootie. This has lead us to the guys at Endura. Now these guys are from Scotland and if you know anything about the country or the area you know that Scotland it gets kind a of wet and cold weather. Endura should know a thing or two about this type of cycling gear. We have formulated a list of features that we like about this bootie that makes it stand out from the heard.

  • Wrap around
  • Lots of Reflective material
  • Sturdy sole of the bootie
  • Brushed inside

We Didn't Like

The booties are not water proof. I got them and that weekend it was steady rain all day Saturday and Sunday. The rain was not a down pour, just a steady light rain. My ride was 1.5 hours in length. So 90% of the time the water hits the shin and then runs down and hits the sock and then all the way into the shoe. Not the case here. So how did the water get in? After examination I believe that its that the seams around the sole that are the culprit. As they are not taped or sealed. The toe was wet as well. Usually its the the top of the cuff, and in this case it wasn't. The Kevlar toe on the bootie soaks up the water and that seam is between the bootie and toe is not sealed so the water from the toe gets in that way. A quick fix was to turn the booties inside out after they had dried and put a bead of Aqua seal around the seam. 24 hours later they are dry and this did the trick.

The Final Say

So where does this bootie excels at? Who is it for? This bootie is not only for the commuter. Its for Any cyclist that rides or trains in low light, predawn or after sundown in cold or cool conditions. This bootie literally shies with the amount of reflective material that is on it. The luminte II bootie has more reflective material on a single bootie than most rain jackets. The luminite II bootie works well when there is a little water on the road or in drizzle. However, if there is a lot of water on the road or it starts to rain your feet are going to get wet. This is mainly due to only one seam being taped. The toe has reinforce that is pretty awesome but the trade off with this is that the toe soaks up water and that touches the shoe and a seam and now that water will travel up into the bootie and into your shoe. The luminite II booties are the easiest to get on and off of all of the booties that we have tried. The way that they are made they open right up so if you have huge Sasquatch feet you can get your flippers in them... Bottom line, cold dark damp conditions they are awesome...Put a bead of Aqua seal around the bottom edge and you have increase the water proofness significantly.

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