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Louis Garneau Women's Course Elite Bib Tights

Review: Louis Garneau Women's Course Elite Bib Tights

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We Liked

When a bib tight costs more than some peoples bikes, it ought to be made out of gold. This is close. Louis Garneau has done a very high end bib tight for women, using their proprietary fabrics: their "Super Light Dry" which is water repellent and breaks the wind, their "Heatmaxx", which is supposed to retain body heat, a "Carbon X-Mesh" to maximize muscular performance and their "Power Mesh", which breathes and is comfortable and flexible. I am not going to lie. The materials are outstanding. I actually had to wait until the weather got bad enough to give these a fair test. I can say in the range of 30-40 degrees F in wind (dry weather), I never did get cold legs. In the front and rear mid-section (crotch), there is definitely wind proof material that is bomber. In 40 and rain, I did notice that they somewhat repelled rain, but I think if I had been out longer, even these would be soaking wet. To be fair, I do live in Portland. I believe these tights would be great winter riding tights and the fit is outstanding. The length was perfect for me in a medium. Generous even. Shorter people may have a problem with this, but I think they are awesome.

We Didn't Like

LG paid attention to many details of this tight and their womens specific straps are 'interesting' at best. It is definitely an awesome concept that the strap can be released without out taking off your entire jersey/jacket, etc. I just need to do way more yoga to be able to thread it back through up my back by myself to put them back on. LG's 5Motion chamois was not my favorite chamois ever, but I am very picky. It is constructed very thoughtfuly with the ability for it to move with the tights, etc, but I thought It bunched a little. I think the price tag is high, but you do get what you pay for. The bib strap needs work. There is no way I am getting these back on after a pit stop if riding by myself. Not sure what the solution is, but it is a step in the right direction.

The Final Say

This is a very high quality bib and if you ride consistently in weather that merits this bib, you deserve it! It is great that a company is investing in making womens clothing with the same high end technology that the men get. Louis Garneau makes high quality clothing and this piece is definitely an investment in yourself. It will keep you warm while training during the extended cx season or for those long endurance hours in the cold weather.

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