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Louis Garneau 0° LS-100 SHOE

Review: Louis Garneau 0° LS-100 SHOE

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We Liked

T-Flex Sole Platform

Thermoplastic toe protection

L4 Boa Closure System

Insulated inner sole for cold protection: Keeps feet warm

Base of shoe insulated with 4-mm foam and lining coated with waterproof membrane

Fully Sealed and Taped Seams

Finally some great cyclo-cross weather rolled in across parts of the country, to me that means below freezing with snow and ice. Frankly I love riding in the cold white stuff even better when there is ice and or mud in the mix. What I don’t like is cold, wet feet. With this perfect weather gave me an opportunity to test Louis Garneau’s cold weather off road shoe the 0° LS-100. Back in the 2010/11 CX season I reviewed the Louis Garneau T-Flex 300 Off Road Shoe. I liked it so much that at Interbike 2011 we awarded the T-Flex 300 Off Road Shoe Cross Bike Review Shoe of the Year.

The 0° LS-100 shares much of the same DNA in a shoe for the rider that the cold and wet weather won’t stop. The 0° LS-100 outsole is made of nylon vs the carbon reinforced nylon of the T-Flex 300. There is the T-Flex Power Blade when removed, allows cooling and ventilation simple enough with a 2.5mm Allen wrench, very handy for days when it does warm up during a ride. The literature doesn’t say specifically but it does appear and feel like the use of the HRS-80 “Heal Retention System” that is used in the LG Monte off road shoevs the HRS-100 used in the T-Flex 300. The tread “crampons” as LG calls them are a dual density design that clears mud and in my case snow very well, is durable and just soft enough to aid in traction. Also present one of my favorite features in the T-Flex 300 is the thermoplastic toe protection, no more stubbing your toes on a rock, a miss-timed barrier or stair edge, well at least it won’t hurt your toes, though not going to stop a face plant. In all the 0° LS-100 off road shoes are really easy to walk in or run up stairs in, while still having a very stiff sole for laying down the power while pedaling.

What’s new is the Boa L4 closure system that has a very light yet positive action that I have no problem using even with heavy winter gloves on. More importantly the 0° LS-100 has a Insulated inner sole and the base of shoe is insulated with 4-mm foam and lining coated with waterproof membrane something I really noticed on a night ride were it was snowing and -5 degrees. I returned from the two-hour ride with not toasty toes but they were not freezing either and I was only wearing my usual cycling socks. This would not be the case with the Sidi winter shoes I was wearing before were I needed to resort to chemical toe warmers and double socks. The 0° LS-100’s upper is water-resistant with 3-mm neoprene cuff and a two part flap that covers the zipper that is sealed and taped like all the other seams. The double flap is pure genius for easy access to the Boa adjuster knob while keeping the shoe neoprene cuff sealed from the elements. As I have come to expect with Louis Garneau is the attention to the details make all the difference from good to great, the 0° LS-100 shoe is no exception with touches like the cleat position indicator, LG logo zipper pull, a reflective rear heal pull and durable reflective trim on the outside front of the upper cover put the icing on the cake, not your toes.

We Didn't Like

I have to really nit-pick here but a pull tab for the tongue would make it a bit easier to get them on, though not enough to affect the overall score.

The Final Say

The LG 0° LS-100 shoe isn’t for the typical fair weather cyclist, it’s built for the hard-core that don’t let a little cold wet weather get in their way. Nearly impervious to the weather with a waterproof membrane, fully sealed seams, neoprene cuff and siple to operate Boa L4 closure all the features and attention to detail Louis Garneau is known for at a reasonable $199.99 USD msrp another hallmark of LG value. Count em One, Two, Three, Four, Five Cowbells for the Louis Garneau 0° LS-100 shoe our highest rating, buy with confidence.

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