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Le Cannibale Jersey

Review: Le Cannibale Jersey

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We Liked

The Jersey ($120)

The Look: The color belgian blue with World champion accents on the zipper

Light weight: For a summer jersey being light weight is a big deal. You might forget your wearing a jersey at all. The Nod: Hommage to Eddy on the center back pocket for his win in 74 world championships. What's not to love about the Cannibal winning at worlds. Subtle Graphics: It's a nod to Eddy with a throwback theme with modern materials. You will look retro while your riding but when you're standing still at the cafe the graphics will be more noticeable to your cycling buddies. Cool and breathable fabric: It’s a retro look with modern materials. The jersey and shorts uses the latest materials from Santini and you can call when you pull it on. This is not your average Nylon lycra jersey from the 80’s. Its soft and it breaths.

The shorts: ($140) First of all this is probably the best fitting shorts that we have owned as of right now. They are so comfortable and I don't feel like I'm wearing a diaper when I'm standing or walking in them. Some shorts are too tight or the material can be too loose in the cut. But for us it seems we have found the Goldie locks cut of “Just Right”. We love the Rainbow stripes that are on one of the the suspenders on the bibs. Again doing for the little details.  

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

Santini has the exclusive right to produce the jersey for the UCI world Champion in all cycling disciplines. With that Santini decided to produce a UCi line and they wanted to celebrate some iconic cyclist World Championship wins throughout the History. There are 3 cyclist that Santini has chosen to honor. The first one is Fausto Copi. Second is Stephen Roch and lastly is Eddy Merkx. Each one of these jersey is made with some really distinct subtle Graphics on them that are nods to the men, their country and where they won. Our jersey “Le Cannibale” is a Belgium blue on blue tone that has Eddy Merkx’s victory celebrated in the upper right corner of the chest with “Montreal 74” in a slightly darker blue than the jersey. Its subtle so, you need to be close to read it. The really cool thing is that the rainbow stripes are not stripes at all but rectangles that are stacked in the center of the chest on the zipper. Again a cool subtle features that is very classy. The jersey is made out of 3 fabrics. Kenobi fabric on the front, Shantung fabric is used on the back and the sleeves are raw cut bodyfit. So what's the bottom line with this kit? It's a summer kit first of all. But you will know this when you put it on. It feels light and its very comfortable to wear. It's actually really comfortable to wear and for as tight & next to the skin without being restrictive. Overall it's quite impressive. Santini did a first rate job in putting this together with all the details.    

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