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Lake Super Cross MX 237

Review: Lake Super Cross MX 237

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We Liked

If you have been around the cyclocross community you might remember a young talented rider names Jeremy powers bursting onto the scene. One of things that we noticed was that he had some special kicks. I think that Jeremy was the first high level US racer to sport Lake MTB shoes. The rest is history. So let's talk about the Supercross MX 237. This shoe is back with features and options. I have listed below all of the features that come with this pair of cyclocross slippers.

  • Looks cool comes in 3 styles good graphics
  • Tough outter
  • Baseball spikes
  • Gerat rubber sole
  • Stiff carbon sole
  • Dual BOA closure
  • Rubebr Toe Protector
  • 21 sizes!

We Didn't Like

The shoe is heavy compared to other brands in the same price point.  Our shoes tiped the scale at 1098g  with out cleats

Tread is not replaceable

The Final Say

There are really only a few pieces of equipment that can really make a big difference in a cross race. Frame set, Tires and clothing. With clothing shoes can be a big deal and Im all about having some really good pair of shoes for cyclocross. Lake has a history of bringing high quality semi custom shoes to the cycling market. They are one of the only companies that makes shoes just for cyclocross. So what’s the final word about these cyclocross kicks? They are tough and very durable. This has been a long term test with these shoes. I have put them through some really nasty conditions with the famed Cross Crusade here in the PNW. We love all of the features and options that the MX 237 have to offer. The MX 237 could go on a little bit of a diet and they are coming in a little heavy compared to other shoes in the same price point.  

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