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Infinity H20 Jacket

Review: Infinity H20 Jacket

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We Liked

We got this jacket the other day and we were just getting ready to test it out when the call came in. It was Inge calling me to tell me that I need to go and pick up the antibiotics for our 19 year old cat. Yes that is what I said its not a misprint 19 is how old she is. I was already dressed and there was no time to loose. The vet was 15 miles away and they close in 1 hour! Thunder boomers were a threat all day with heavy rain at times and there was no way to tell how hard they were going to be. It was on the bike and off to the vet at Mach 1 to get the drugs the save the family cat. The cats name is Koko and I'm not a cat person. However, it seems that I am the only man that she has EVER liked and I find her sleeping on me at night, in my lap on the coach and begging me for food while I'm eating at the home office desk. I guess its just one of those things. So this run is important but, not like the famed run that Balto made to save the Alaskan town of Nome from certain death. Either way If I don't get those antibiotics Inge may never forgive me and I would surely regret it forever.

Getting to the Vet was no problem. After 40 min I was there and with the meds in hand I was on my way back. Back home, back into the wind and into the storm. Those thunder boomers that were threatening were now delivering. So this meant a slightly longer ride home because of the conditions. They did not disappoint me for sure. Lets just say If I looked out side and saw the weather I would have waited a bit. Either way I had the new gear so Its time to take one for the team and put ourselves out in the wet. In the ensuing rain storm I rode through everything from light rain to down pours. And In all of the situations the jacket did exactly what it was suppose to do. Keep the water out and Keep the warmth in. For about an hour I watch as mother nature dropped small drops to big drop on me. Each and every one of them either bounced off the jacket, beaded up or rolled right off. In my line I get to find out if the product will work as advertised. This one does! So here is a run down of some bullet points of the things that I like about this versatile rain jacket from Mavic.

  • Light heavy weight jacket that really is water proof
  • Cool grey color
  • Comes in a white.
  • Lots of vents
  • Wrist cuffs
  • Big back pocket
  • Reflective on upper arms and back.
  • Pull tabs are easy to grasp

We Didn't Like

I would like to see a little more reflectivity on the jacket.

The cuffs are a little funky in that they were tight on me.

The Final Say

Living the in the pacific Northwest is no joke when it comes to rain. Its called liquid sunshine here in Portland and if you don't ride in the rain you basically don't ride except 3 months of the year. I get a lot of rain jackets in and some of them are good and some have areas that they need improvement on so they can be great. Not all rain jackets are in the same class. So what are the classes that I put rain jackets in? Weight (Heavy, Medium & Lite ) and Performance of course! So what do you mean by weight? This has to do with the thickness and weight of the fabric. If you can not fold or wad up the jacket to fit entirely in a jersey pocket then its a heavy weight. Which means that you will put it on because you know you will be in the rain all day and if you take it off you need to hand it off to some one. Heavy weight , is totally water proof, go riding in a down pour for 3 hrs and your still dry. So what is the Mavic Infinity H20 Jacket? This is a Medium weight jacket that is a Heavyweight performer. Just a great jacket to have if you think you will get a chill or it will rain a bit or will pour on you. The Infinity H2O has plenty of vents to help you with thermo regulation. Not only does it have the center vent on the zipper but it also has Vents on the forearms to help drive the air into you and out the vent on the back of the jacket. All of the seams are taped and sealed on the jacket so no water will get in there. If you are looking for a light weight packable rain jacket that is more than an emergency shell and is more of a work horse in the wet weather then the Mavic Infinity H2O is the one for you.

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