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Halo Over Shoe

Review: Halo Over Shoe

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We Liked

  • Innovated integrated blinky lights
  • Lights are replaceable
  • Lights have 500 hrs or run time
  • Solid or blinking options
  • Blinky holder can hold other clip on lights
  • Reflective piping on sides of zipper
  • Taped construction
  • Silicon gusset at the top
  • Neoprene flap behind zipper
  • Kevlar bottom

We Didn't Like

Runs a little small

2 areas are not taped. Top cuff and zipper are left untapped.

The Final Say

Lets face it training on the road has risk to it and training or commuting in the dark or low light makes it even more risky. Getting hit by a car is a reality and having a blinky light is something that you have to have. Having them on your heels is nothing short of genius. Not only are they blinky light but they are moving and there are 2 of them. Humans are predators and we are built to track motion. Our eyes are set together and on the front of our skull. Motion triggers a automatic response to look at it. When we went out riding with it we were approached by cyclist and Motorist! At just about everystop light they all wanted to know who made it and how it worked. Obviously the primal motion tracking that is hardwired into humans was working. The fact that this happened alone is worth it. When you throw in that the lights are replaceable and that the batteries can be easily replaced or the pocket that they sit in can be used to clip on another light make these booties a winner in any low light condition.

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