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We Liked

  • Water proof
  • Wind proof
  • Triple layer
  • Long waterproof cuffs
  • Thermowelded & Taped sealed seams
  • Long tail
  • Various colors
  • Reflectivity back and tail
  • Heavy weight = winter warmth
  • Slim fit
  • Elastic on skirt

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

I want to say that there are a lot of rain jackets out on the market and I don't know about you but its usually not sunny outside. It's usually dark because of the clouds that are dumping rain. Now this can vary. The heavier the rain the darker it is outside and the more dangerous it is. The the last time I looked the road is usually black or grey. So when I find a rain jacket that is another color than black (Asphault camo or Invisiable Cyclist) it gets my attention and interest. It's dangerous enough to be out on the road in the rain but its very dangerous in a black rain jacket. There are several things that Santini got right with this winter rain jacket. First they have offered it in several colors. My personal favorite is the Orange version. Next, its made with a new fabric called Mercurio that is 100% water proof and breathable and is rated at 5000 mm of water proofness. However its a WINTER rain jacket. So even though it breaths its warmer than some other light weight or race rain jackets. And this jacket is packed with features that allow you to train in the wettest and coldest conditions. If you ad in the high quality attention to detail that you get from Santini you have a winner. If you are one who will be out in these conditions and dont want to wear a back rain jacket in dark rainy conditions then you should seriously look at the Santini option. For us we used it in the cyclocross season in preride and post race to not only stay dry but warm as well. We will be using this in the cold wet winter months here in the PNW.

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