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GT Socks

Review: GT Socks

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We Liked

I went on a 3.5 hour ride in the rain and a lot of faith with the GORE GT socks because GORE is a name that has been around for a long time and set the standard for breatheable and waterproof fabric. And of that 3.5 hours I would say it rained for about 2.75 hours. When we got home our feet were a little cold but dry. Our shoes were soaked (yes I had booties on) and the out side of the GORE GT socks were wet BUT not the inside of them. So they do work! These little beauties are made with GORE's own GORE-TEX PACLITE streatch fabric. This stuff is thin and really light weight. It's pretty amazing how thin and light this fabric is and how well it prevents water from getting through to your body. When we first got the socks, they looked a little basic in its cut and design. But after slipping them on I was surprised and impressed with how well they fit on my feet. Nice job GORE! One reason for the great fit is the flat-lock seams. This will prevent pressure points or any chafing form happening. It has a nice wide elastic hemline at the top to help seal out the elements. The other reason is the PACLITE fabric. This fabric actually stretches and that means it will conform to your foot. Thus giving you a great fit.

We Didn't Like

Ok So living in Portland we have learned a few things about what to wear in the rain. What works and what does not. Now there is noting wrong with the fabric of the GORE GT socks. The rain or water will not go through them. However, from my experience I believe that they were made to be worn with rain pants. Water can and does get in from the top and when it does it stays there. We went on another ride in the rain with them. This time it was a 2 hr off road ride with a few of our friends in Forest park and it rained and rained and rained and then hailed and then rained some more just in case there was one part of us that didn't get wet. I made the mistake of not wearing my rain pants. So I went with some winter bib knickers. So my shins were exposed. Well once the water hit my shins it just ran down them and into the GORE GT socks. Now the socks do have a large cuff at the top, but it was not enough. After my ride and I was back at the car I probably poured 1/4 cup of ice cold water (not an exaggeration) from each of the socks. So they need to change the cuff on them to prevent water from getting in. But I gave them another try because I wanted to see what they are like with rain pants. They worked just fine there. However, you do need to wear regular cycling socks with them as even though the water wont get though the out side of the GORE GT socks, It will get wet and conduct the heat from your foot. So they don't insulate.

The Final Say

GORE came through with the materal on this sock and for the most part this sock is a winner. The Gore GT sock is a great asset to have in any cyclocrossers race bag or any commuter's wardrobe. However, the only thing that keeps this sock from getting a perfect score is the cuff. If the cuff had a silcone layer around the inside of it to seal out the water this sock would earn 5 cow bells. But part of out job is to give the feedback to the companies so that they can make a better product. I can tell you that we are giving GORE this feedback in hopes that they take this information and make it better. If you have rain pants this sock rocks. If not I would just add a rubber band to the cuffs the keep the wet out and your feet dry.

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