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Groove UCI Hoodie

Review: Groove UCI Hoodie

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We Liked

  • Fit is spot on
  • Super comfy
  • Does not feel heavy
  • very cool UCI details
  • Front pockets are a good size
  • High neck acts like a scarf
  • Polartech power air is warm
  • Jacket moves with you
  • You will get lots and lots of complements

We Didn't Like

Your significant other will try to steal it from you.

So there is alot to like an love about this jacket. The only thing that we didnt like was tha the hood seemed a little small. So what does that mean? On us the hood only came to the crown of our foreheadand even then it felt tight.but we didnt have any room to wear a hat under it.

The Final Say

Santini has a long and rich history of making some of the best cycling clothing in the world. Not a lot of people know that they do some casual wear as well. Most has been good but this one is nothing short of Luxurious. I want to make sure to note that I don’t use this word lightly. So what makes this hoodie so good? Well, its not just one thing. Its lots of little things that are nothing short of top notch. The fabric is super soft and has a 4 way stretch to it. You will want to wear this all of the time. The Groove UCI hoodie quickly became my favorite thing to wear. Next comes the details and there are a lot of them. From the placement of the different fabric textures to the UCI color piping bring it all together to make a winner that will set a new standard to casual cycling wear. Wearing this you will look pro tour without having to put in the 8 hours a day of riding your bike. Don’t let your girlfriend or wife wear it as you will NEVER get it back.

Bravo Mr. Santini!

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