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GripGrab Raptor Gloves

Review: GripGrab Raptor Gloves

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So I have never heard of grip grab before I went to Belgium for the Ridley experience. They are a small company that is focused on cycling and running accessories in 5 categories. So they make gloves, arm/leg/knee warmers, Booties, head and neck wear. Their company mission is to make the outdoor sports more enjoyable by making these items better (aerodynamic, fit, functional, warmer, dryer, etc...). In their Journey they have actually turned some heads and won some awards. For example the raptor gloves won an award at Eurobike 16 for putting grip not only on the outside but also on the inside of the palm of the glove..
So for me gloves are like Eh… It's hard for me to get real excited about a pair of gloves. However, I would soon put these things to the test. I got them in Ghent Belgium in November and it was cold, wet and muddy. Perfect to see if these gloves are worth the price tag that is on them. Here are some of the things that I like about them.
Lightweight: I want what we all want. We want a lightweight glove that feels almost like a second skin without being restrictive. We want it to also have that connection to the bike.  
Windproof: Lets face it it gets cold in the cyclocross season and in Ghent Belgium in November it was cold and wet and the wind was blowing. Yep, they are wind proof which is pretty amazing with how lightweight they are. Water resistant: Yep November is wet in Ghent and I was surprised that the gloves were water resistant. Nice touch that Grip grab put a treatment on the gloves.. Grips on the inside: This is one of the things that is really putting Grip Grab on the map. So what this does is it prevents your hand from sliding around on the inside of the glove. Very comfortable:  So if you have ever had wind proof gloves they tend to be kinda stiff and you feel that when you flex you hand.  No so here!  The fabric is not stiff and allows you to move your hand freely. 
Very warm for a lightweight: I am pretty impressed with how warm these gloves are for how light they are. This really extends their use and are a favorite of mine.  

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The Final Say

The final say: When I first started riding and racing I was told that the most important things are the things that connect you to your bike. That would be shorts, shoes and gloves. This becomes even more important when the weather comes into play. Let's face it the weather is always a factor in cyclocross. GripGrab Raptor gloves are a technical innovation when it comes to control. By adding grip on the inside of the glove eliminates the hand from sliding around inside the glove. This translates to better handling while racing. Then when you add in the lightweight windproof and water resistant fabric that the glove is made out of you have a winner. This has become my favorite glove not only for cyclocross but also for the fall and spring.  

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