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Review: Gore R3 ACTIVE PANTS

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We Liked

  • The fabric: For the Gore C5 Active pant they have chosen to use their Active fabric. This fabric is not only waterproof but very very breathable.
  • Cuff zippers: Gore spend some money on the zippers on the cuffs of their pant and it shows. They are easy to operate
  • Silicone dots: This is a great feature that Gore has done. One of the things that I hate is being in some rain pants and the back of the pants comes down and I feel this cold draft on my lower back. Gore has put over 100 Silicone dots on the waist of the pants to ensure that they stay in place.
  • Narrow cut: The Gore C5 active pants are straight leg cut. I have seen many a rain pant that is too generous in its leg cut for girth. That's nice if you are putting them over your jeans or your work clothing. This is meant to be worn over your winter or spring tights.
  • 2 snaps on cuffs: It's nice to have the cuff of the pant to be adjustable so its rubbing against the cranks. The Gore C5 active pants have 2 snaps at the pant cuff that allows you to have the pant cuff in 3 custom settings for your confort.

We Didn't Like

We would like the pants to be a little longer, about 1.5 inches longer. When we were riding I noticed that the cuff of the pant was almost coming up over our rain bootie. One of the ways your feet get wet is not through the pants or the rain bootie but when you ride the pant pulls up and there is a gap between the bootie and the pant. This gap allows water to hit your shin and then the water runs down your shin and hits your sock and bam your feet are wet.  

The Final Say

If you are a fair weather cyclist then this review really won’t interest you as you don’t ride in the rain. However, if you are a diehard road, MTB, CX cyclist or commuter then this will interest you. There are lots of companies that make rain pants and even fewer that make a high quality high performing rain pant. Lucky for us cyclists Gore has made a name for itself for producing high quality high performance fabrics for the great outdoors. I recommend that you try the pant on first to make sure that it will fit you and it will be long enough. Otherwise if you are a gow in these two areas then you will be very happy with the Gore R3 Active rain pants.  Othewise your wearing a plastic bag for pants when you ride.  

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