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Gore C5 Gloves

Review: Gore C5 Gloves

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We Liked

  • Great fit with pre-shaped fingers
This makes gripping the handle bars easy and natural. There are no hot spots or seams that dig into my hands at all.
  • Touch screen friendly
Let’s face it who wants to have to take their warm glove off to use the phone, check gps or their sms messages. I don’t. If you do then your hand is either cold or worse wet.
  • Warm and comfortable
Enough said.
  • Long cuff
So the beauty of this is that your jacket (wind,rain or winter) can cover it completely. This means that there is no cold air rain or snow gap that will hit your skin.
  • Reflective piping
Safety never takes a holiday and having some piping on the glove can make all the difference in lowlight conditions.
  • Glove is not bulky
This makes it feel light and allows for great dexterity when doing small tasks.
  • Totally wind proof
This makes the glove very versatile in that it has a wide temperature range that you can use it in.
  • Highly Breathable
What use is a glove if it wont let you vent the heat? If it doesn't then it doesn't matter if the rain ant get in because your sweat can’t get out and you end up wearing bags of sweat on your hands. Its ok to go hard with these gloves as they will breath.
  • Silicone on fingers thumbs and palms
Any time you put silicone on a glove you make it grippy and you need that grip when its cold and wet. The handle bars get slick and you don’t need a hand slipping off mid ride especially when your in the midst of a cyclocross race.  

We Didn't Like

We really like these gloves and we have come to expect a high degree of performance form the Gor-Tex family after all they have been setting the standard for high performance waterproof clothing for a while now. The gloves are water proof for about an hour. After that they are not. We went on a 2.5 hour ride in the rain and when we got back our hands were soaked with water. I was careful to have the rain jacket cover the cuff so not to let water in that way.  

The Final Say

Gor-Tex has been setting the standard for high performance water proof active outdoor clothing for a while now. Other companies are starting to give Gor-Tex a run for their money with new technologies and fabrics. The Gor-Tex C5 gloves are a great all around glove for the fall and early winter and spring. If you are going hard at this time of the year you will appreciate just how breathable the glove are. They are absolutely wind proof and very highly water resistant. However, I live in the PNW and when if I get caught in the rain it’s usually for a long time. It’s not just for 10 min and its dry. The C5 performs in the rain up to about an hour and then it falls short. Light rain, rain showers you are all good. If it comes down in buckets and you see an old man building a giant boat then no. For an all around glove for the fall, spring and light rian these are a great choice. However, if you ride in the rain for more than an hour then consider other options.  

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