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We Liked

So I wanted to start off by saying that when I first got the stuff in I thought that Gore-Tex Infinium was a new fabric or technology. I hunted around on the site to find out how its made and what new special materials and what new secrets I could find. I finally called my PR person and she explained to me that Infinium is not a new fabric. But a concept. A concept of getting the most performance out of the garment for its usefulness. So Imanage taking all of the different materials that GORE offers and then making the ultimate pair of shorts or jersey? Putting waterproof panels only where you need them or windstopper only where you need them. So Gore starts with an activity ie Cycling and then puts an environmental condition (temp, humidity, Wind etc) and then says how do we make this garment perform so the athlete can perform. That's what Gore-Tex Infinium is. Now that we know that let's get on to the jersey!

The Gore C5 Infinium jersey is for the fall/winter at that temp that is warm enough for short sleeves & arm warmers in still air. But you need some wind protection and maybe some splash or a little intermittent showers. But not a downpour. So we listed the key features of the jersey below and as you can see there are some nice features of the C5 Infinium

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ garments with GORE®WINDSTOPPER® product technology, form fitting protection
  • 3D rear pocket construction gives more storage space
  • Full length zipper with zip port at neck
  • Grip elastic at waist hem for snug fit
  • Longer short sleeves and dropped tail for modern cycling fit
  • Raised collar for added warmth in wet and cold weather
  • Reflective details on all sides
  • Taped seams at shoulder and arm for added rain protection
  • Windproof, Extremely Breathable and Durably Water Resistant  

We Didn't Like

I would like Gore to make arm warmers to go along with this SS Jersey. I asked the PR person why they dont offer arm warmers to go with the jersey.  Thier answer is the reason is that they make arm warmers that are windproof already. Which stills begs the question why not take your existing arm warmers and put a DWR treatment on them?  The jersey pannels that are wind proof have a DWR on them so why not the arm warmers?  Seems kinda no brainer to me.  

I would also like Gore to offer a long sleeve version of this jersey as well.  

The Final Say

With the launch of Gore’s newest line of Infinium this might be getting a little confusing. So im gong to break it down for you. Infinium is the concept of utilizing all of the the different types of materials to make one garment via Body mapping. Body mapping is the process of looking at that part of the body and seeing what its needs are and then using the correct type of performance fabric to get the maximum benefit to the rider/user. Got it? Ok now you may have seen Gore label its garments C5 or C3 or C7.  So what does that mean?  The first letter is the sport that its most useful or intended use. You will see C for cycling, R for running X for Cross Country skiing. Ok Got it? So there are 3 levels of performance of the garments 3 is the lowest 5 being the middle and 7 is the highest. Simple right? Ok So the bottom line is the Gore-Tex C5 Infinium jersey is a pretty flexible piece of clothing. Think of it as a 3 season jersey. Its for those days where its cool and you need some wind protection and you will also get hit with a little bit of rain in between the sunny parts of your ride.  We found the piece very functional and useful over a wide range of situations.  If you live in a nothern climent you might find yourself reaching for this jersey alot.  

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