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GORE® C5 GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ 1985 Viz Jacket

Review: GORE® C5 GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ 1985 Viz Jacket

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We Liked

When we heard that the Shake Dry jacket was available to test we jumped on the opportunity to give it a go. Where we live (PNW) it rains a lot here and its common to have rain every day for weeks on end. It usually starts raining in october and is pretty wet until uly. So f you want to ride you have two options. Ride outside or be stuck on a trainer. Here is what we liked about this jacket. We found the cut to be pretty good to fit either the really trim racer or the athletic racer. If you fall out of that category it may not be the jacket for you until you drop some kilos. We hate black rain jackets but this one has Hi-Vis yellow on the sleeves and on the back center of the jacket. It also has a few spots for reflectivity. Another great feature of the jacket is the collar. It's a high collar with a velcro closure system. Gore recognized that people have different size necks and so instead of putting just one block of velcro on the collar they have several strips so you can get just the right fit when you zip all the way up. So what about the function of the jacket? Well just like any Gore product its made to work hard in hard wet environments. The real test was how well it breathed. Getting rid of heat and allowing sweat to evaporate and escape is very important in thermoregulation. The Gore Shake dry does deliver in that department. We found out that we could go hard and was not prone to overheating like other rain jackets that we have tried in the past. So I’m going to sum up the features that we liked below.

  • Face fabric wetting out allows to quickly flap the surface dry
  • Revolutionary membrane construction eliminates face fabric preventing a chilling effect
  • GORE-TEX® Active Product: Lightweight, extremely breathable, durably waterproof and windproof
  • Adjustable collar with velcro for optimum fit and protection
  • Visibility paneling for increased safety in low light conditions
  • GORE-TEX® Active Jacket with new SHAKEDRY™ product technology
  • Reinforced hem for easier closure of zipper
  • Weight 116 gram (Size L)
  • Elastic hem
  • 2-way front zip
  • Zip tags for easy opening
  • Ergonomically shaped collar
  • Reflective logo  

We Didn't Like

The back pocket is small is is limited on its function of the jackets self storage.  forget about putting your phone in it.

Even Though we liked the Hi-Vis yellow sections of the jacket we would still like to see the entire jacket available in a blue or a red or some other High Vis color rather than just the sleeves.  

The Final Say

Gore has made a name for itself a while back by coming out with the technology to make fabric breathable and waterproof. Back then the world had not seen anything like this and it sparked a arms race with fabric companies to develop fabrics that were waterproof and breathable. So before we get into the new Shakedry Jacket let's talk about the two main points Waterproof and Breathability. There are different levels of waterproofing and breathability. The two characteristics are really at odds with each other and makes it difficult to get to a highly waterproof and highly breathable garment. You usually have to make a choice.

When the Shakedry jacket came out it was the jacket to have. The Shakedry jacket was waterproof and highly breathable. But this Shakedry jacket is not like the first one that came out a few years back. This one is the 1985 shakedry and has been improved with better waterproofness and comes in several color options. So how does Gore do it? Gore uses its Active fabric that has a permanent beading surface in the Shakedry 1985 jacket. This permanent beading surface eliminates the need for a DWR (Durable Water Resistant) coating. Usually there are several layers that go into the construction of a Gore waterproof garment. However, Gore was able to eliminate one of the layers and that reduces the jackets weight and increases its packability. The two layers that make up the jacket is the Gore-Tex membrane and a second water repellent membrane. So how light is it and what does it compare to? If you didn't know what the jacket was you would think its a emergency rain or wind shell. Its very light, waterproof and breathable. Now this year thay have come out with some high vis colors to make the jacket safer which is a big plus. This could be the one to rule them all.  

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