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Giro Sector

Review: Giro Sector

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We Liked

Nowadays the market has shifted from pure cyclocross to more of road racing with a flavor of cyclocross. But not mountain biking. We have seen an evolution of the cyclocross bike have offshoots to what's called Gravel riding/racing. The sector is Giro’s newest entry into the new gravel market.

What we liked Upper material is super high tech and cool. Double Boas, getting two boas give your more adjustability Gum sole is sticky and looks cool Light weight, the new upper makes this shoe exceptionally lightweight Breathability Toe guard, good touch to give the shoe extra life Carbon sole makes it stiff  

We Didn't Like

So before I go into what “I” did not like I would like to say 2 things. First I'm coming from the perspective of the racer and what I'm used to in a race shoe. Secondly it's only my opinion and its TASTE rather than a RULE. So here we go….

The ankle side cutouts are really deep. When I first put the shoe on it felt weird to me and I thought I was going crazy but I'm not. I got other shoes out that I have reviewed in the past and yes the Sector has deeper ankle bone cut outs. So if you have a problem with shoes rubbing your ankle bone then you will LOVE this shoe for just this reason.

Next the shoe itself feels like a slipper in that I never really felt like the shoe covered the top of my foot. Upon further examination it doesn't. Well, not as much as traditional shoes. Turns out there just isn't as much material on the sides to cover the top of your foot. So your foot feels more open or exposed vs. wrapped or covered.

Lastly, I know that this shoe is listed as having a carbon sole but it's really not that stiff. When I got the shoe to review I did not think it had a carbon sole because of the flex when I got on the pedals and dropped some power

The Final Say

So who is this shoe for and who is it not? That is the question. I think that Giro is trying to take the shoe market like the way of the bike. One to rule them all. This shoe won't do that. However, If you do gravel grinding, bike packing, touring, commuting and need a durable comfortable reasonable stiff shoe that you can wear all day then this could be your ticket. IF you are looking for a cyclocross shoe, Gravel racing shoe then look elsewhere to their Empire VR90 shoes.  

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