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Giro Ambient Skull Cap

Review: Giro Ambient Skull Cap

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We Liked

Ok so its a cap and I'm going to save the essay for the final. So here is a short and sweet list of the things that we LOVE about this cap.

  • Fit: Great fit! This thing fits my head better than any other cap we have tried.
  • Materials: Great job on this. 4 way stretch on wind blocker and thermal fleece.
  • Comfort: no binding, no pinching, no lines on my head after a ride.
  • Bargain: at $25 this hat is a bargain for the performance that you get.

We Didn't Like

  • We would have like to have this come out a long time ago.
  • Needs a location chip as some one might steal it. Or you might loose it in your forest of laundry.

The Final Say

So we get a lot of extra stuff and one Item that manufacturers toss us are caps. Some times its just a simple cycling cap and others its a full on Winter stocking cap. This means we have a cap collection that rivals a Divas shoe collection. The Giro Ambient Skull cap is one you should go and buy right NOW. Why? The fit and cut is amazing! Finally some one got all of it and this and hit it right out of the ball park. I hate taking my helmet and hat off only to have lines on my head. I hate it when the cap does not cover my ears or bites into my skin or is just plane uncomfortable. So what they have done is made this cap with the ability to mold to your head. Sure other caps cover you when your in the shop trying it on but put a helmet on and bend over into a cycling position and look up and your ears are not covered any more. NOT SO with the Giro Ambient Skull cap. That's number 1. Secondly, all I can say is that Giro either got lucky in choosing the fabric OR went on the hunt for this stuff and would not settle until they got what they wanted. Wind stopper on the front of it and then the rest of the cap is thermal fleece. BRAVO! But the cool thing is that the fabric is a 4 stretch and works with what ever shape your head is. Not too heavy and not too light as a certain blond girl would say "Just right". And that means that this cap has a big range. This is essentially a 3 season cap. It wont be a blizzard cap but cool to cold days you will be warm and comfortable while putting in plenty of saddle time. OR you will forget about it while you are racing in the spring or on the cyclocross course. Thirdly, the fabric has a DWR coating so its water resistant. Not water proof but Ill take that and that's why I am sure that all of the other companies will be going and getting these to see how they did this. Finally, things are getting expensive and if you go out and look for other caps in this category you wont find one that performs at the high level that this one does for only $25 bucks. You will be glad you took the crowbar out and pried open your wallet and put down your dead presidents. You will reach for this cap again and again. Because this cap is literally way SUPERIOR than any that we have tried on the market to date. Great job Giro!

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