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Ghost XCM

Review: Ghost XCM

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We Liked

  • Carbon XC 12 Sole with full-carbon insert in the pedal area and a stiffness index of 12.0.
  • TPU inserts in strategic points ensure high traction and outstanding wear resistance
  • Made with the patented XFrame 2® construction, the upper transfers every watt of power while providing the snuggest, even fit with no pressure points.
  • Highly abrasion-resistant rubber reinforcements ensure 360° protection along the entire upper
  • Integrated heel system containing directional fibre prevents any slipping
  • Performance Regular footbed provides greater support 

We Didn't Like

Closure system. Even though the way the cord closes the shoe up is fine. Its the closure dial that we have a major problem with. It's too narrow and we can not get a good grip on it to tighten the shoe as much as we would like. We put calipers to it and a normal BOA closer dial is 7.71mm in width. The North Wave closure Dial is 2.82mm. This is significantly smaller and needs to be addressed. Now don't get me wrong the wrap that the shoe uses is top notch.

Ankle cut out on the sides of the shoe is shallow and so our ankle bone actually touches the shoe when we articulate. You may not have this Problem.

The Final Say

The Northwave ghost XCM shoe is a great shoe and has lots of features. Full carbon sole makes it really stiff for power transfer. The shoe uses a wrap around style to secure the shoe around your foot.So the more you close it the more of the synthetic leather is around your foot. This allows for maximum pull up. The material is very robust and offers very good protection against the elements that terra firma often throws while riding off road. If you have a narrow foot then this may not be the shoe for you. If you have a regular size or slightly larger foot then this shoe you will find to you liking. The Ghost XCM for the money is a good value at $250.00. The shoe has lots of features that you will find in more expensive shoes.

Now in all fairness. I did contact North Wave in Italy and told them of my findings. They did get back to me and said, "Hi Scott,

Thanks for your feedback, very important for us.

We are working on lots of different projects.

Stay tuned

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