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Funkier Long Sleeve Women's Winter Jersey

Review: Funkier Long Sleeve Women's Winter Jersey

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We Liked

The attractive, well made and affordable Women's Long Sleeve Winter Jersey from Funkier is seemingly yet another light fuzzy jersey in a sea of similar offerings from lots of manufacturers. This Funkier jersey is not funky at all but cool. I mean warm. The full zip jersey is extremely soft and comfortable, wicks sweat really well and fits nicely. It's great under a jacket in cold or wet weather or by itself in milder temperatures. It's perfect for training rides as well as winter hiking, running and cross country skiing, too.

What sets this Funkier jersey apart is clever features such as the extra moisture-proof lined and zipped pocket at the back for your camera or phone and the silicone gripper at the waist, which keeps the jersey from riding up. And the fit.

I love the fit! It's tighter than most jerseys in this category. It's not all bulky under your jacket, and the fabric stays close to your skin so the wicking action actually takes place. The sleeves are extra long, taking care of chilly gaps in between gloves and jacket. The neck is comfortable, and there are no itchy seams.

I also like the price. This Funkier jersey is not the cheapest out there, but there are no tradeoffs, either. Usually you're making a sacrifice for price, either fit, or quality construction or something that you find out later, when the tags are long gone. I love that I can't find anything wrong with this jersey!

We Didn't Like

My only complaint about this jersey is not Funkier's fault at all! I don't like that Funkier is not carried by a lot of stores, at least in the US. Yet. They did recently open a US office and are starting to market to bike shops. Seems like they're big in Europe, winning Eurobike Awards at the last two Eurobike shows.

If you don't have a dealer near you fortunately you can find Funkier products online at www.FunkierBikeUSA.com.

The Final Say

The Funkier Women's Long Sleeve Winter Jersey is a worthwhile addition to your layers wardrobe. The fabric is the right weight for hard exercise in rainy and cold conditions. I wore this jersey under an old rain jacket on several wet and muddy mountain bike rides and also under a breathable cold-weather team kit jacket in very cold, dry weather for a long training road ride, and I was very comfortable.

My experience was the fit is on the slim side with long arms and torso, which I like a lot. If you're not sure about your size, Funkier's website has some helpful sizing charts. It's worth investigating.

There's plenty of winter left, and if this year is anything like last year, I'll need this jersey into June!

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