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Footbalance Custom Race Footbeds

Review: Footbalance Custom Race Footbeds

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We Liked

That Footbalance's individually molded insoles support feet properly for improved biomechanical efficiency, thereby helping to improve comfort, health and performance in both sports and daily life. Footbalance insoles are custom-molded for you based on a personal foot analysis. To learn about the 7 steps to Footbalance http://www.footbalance.com/why-footbalance/footbalance-advantage/7-steps-footbalance

I also did not have to wait weeks to get the insoles they were made right on the spot in less than 30mins. I waited quite awhile to write this review as I wanted to do a long term test of the Footbalance insoles, I had two pairs made one for my cycling shoes the Race version http://www.footbalance.com/products/sport/race and a pair of Max http://www.footbalance.com/products/sport/max for everyday wear as I am on my feet all day. My only regret is that I only have the two pair at this time and I do notice the difference when I do not have them in a pair of shoes. With the Footbalance Race insoles in my cycling shoes I do feel less fatigue in my feet and lower legs and I do feel a bit more snappy on the bike. Being a geek on all things I wanted to be sure so I did some power and lactate testing with and without the Race insoles in my cycling shoes. I performed 2 separate test sessions on a trainer controlling all variables like temperature, tire inflation, same warm up procedure and the like. Data collected Power Avg (pAvg) for intervals combined, HR Max (Hmax) and Avg (Havg), Blood Lactate concentration “Bla” at 2mins (Bla2m) and 4mins (Bla4m) post of the 3rd interval for set #1 and #2. Sessions 1 and 2 separated by 3 days were 2 sets of 3 VO2 intervals 4mins long with 3mins recovery with 10mins between the sets. Test session 1 the standard insoles that came with the shoes were used first set and the Footbalance Race insoles were used in the same shoes for the second set, after 3 days of Zone 2 low intensity basic extensive endurance training. I repeated the test procedure with the insole use order reversed all other parameters remained the same.

Test session 1A (with out) pAvg = 360watts, Hmax 178bpm, Havg 170bpm Bla2 5.9mmol , Bla4 5.7mmol

Test session 1B (with) pAvg = 367watts, Hmax 176bpm, Havg 168bpm Bla2 5.8mmol, Bla4 5.1 mmol

Test session 2A (with) pAvg = 372watts, Hmax 179bpm, Havg 171bpm Bla2 5.7mmol , Bla4 5.0mmol

Test session 2B (with out) pAvg = 363watts, Hmax 181bpm, Havg 173bpm Bla2 6.2 mmol , Bla4 5.4mmol

A month later I did a slightly different test sessions were I did Threshold Intervals of 12mins at ~310 watts with 10mins recovery at ~170 watts between. I previously determined “FTP” by a 30mn field test on a hill climb. The test sessions were separated by 4 days 2 days of Zone 2 low intensity basic extensive endurance training and 1 day of complete rest and a final day of zone 2. Warm up procedure remained the same as did controlling of all other variables as were the time frame for Bla sample collection.

Test session 3A (with out) pAvg = 309watts, Hmax 176bpm, Havg 165bpm Bla2 4.9mmol , Bla4 3.5mmol

Test session 3B (with) pAvg = 311watts, Hmax 176bpm, Havg 163bpm Bla2 4.8mmol, Bla4 3.2 mmol

Test session 4A (with) pAvg = 313watts, Hmax 177bpm, Havg 163bpm Bla2 5.1mmol , Bla4 4.0mmol

Test session 4B (with out) pAvg = 308watts, Hmax 179bpm, Havg 167bpm Bla2 5.2 mmol , Bla4 4.6mmol

For the athlete the results are definitive Footbalance Race insoles can help you improve performance. With the Footbalance Max insoles in my everyday shoes I do notice I have less fatigue leg and back pain at the end of a long day so I can spend some more quality time on the bike and isn’t that what it is all about?

For the retail bike shop becoming a Footbalance Partner is simple too! Footbalance supplies all the equipment; training to get you and your employees up and running fast To learn more on how go to http://www.footbalance.com/company/become-footbalance-retailer

We Didn't Like

That I do not have a pair in all my shoes.

The Final Say

At 79.99 Footbalance insoles are a real bargain and you will get them fast, so you can ride faster stronger with less fatigue.

Get a pair for all your shoes.

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