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Review: Fellraiser

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We Liked

So we were looking for a trail shoe that would meet our high expectations of what a good trail shoe should be. So many times we have looked and tried and the shoe fell short in one area or another. We were very happy to meet up with Salomon at the SIA ski shoe in Denver earlier this year and get a pair to try. So needless to say we have had them for a while. So why haven't we gotten the review up sooner? Well because I wanted to see past the honeymoon stage of getting the shoes. I wanted to see how the shoes held up day in and day out. How would they wear? Would the rubber be so soft that it would wear down and I would have to replace the shoes quickly? Or would they hold up? Here are what we liked about them after 10 months!

  • Great tread pattern for trail especially mud.
  • Speed lacing system
  • Sole wears like iron and will last a while
  • Garage for laces
  • Protective toe cap
  • Very breathable allowing for spring, summer and fall running

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

If you are looking for a running shoe that is a trail shoe and is as tough as you are then you should take a good hard serious look at the Fellraiser. The rubber sole has the tread like a monster truck tire only softer and wears like Iron! The soles didn't wear down quickly like I thought that they would. I also had some hesitation on the speed laces. Would they last? OR be the down fall/ Achilles heel of the shoe? The Speed laces work! They haven't broken on me in 10 months of constant use and there is no sign of them breaking any time soon. The only thing that has happened to these shoes is that some of the color has rubbed off a bit for hitting stuff. Pair this shoe up with some waterproof socks and you will be singing in the rain as you blaze through the muddy slim knowing that other people are either inside on a treadmill with all the other hamsters or falling all over themselves trying to stay up because they don't have the Fellraiser. Solid construction, built right, good price. I doubt that you will find another trail shoe with these features for $110.00. 5 cowbells for us!

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