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We Liked

  • Very Aero
  • Large bottom cuff gripper on jersey keeps it from riding up.
  • Longer short sleeves
  • Saddle cut shoulders
  • Double collar
  • Flat seam stitching
  • Pocket edges are seamed
  • Large cuff on shorts with Silicone gripper
  • Matching socks
  • Matching arm warmers
  • Matching hats  

We Didn't Like

The fabric tags on these things are so stiff and rigid that they seem like hard plastic and will scratch you.

Only avaiable in 3 colors and 1 pattern  

The Final Say

Let's face it aerodynamics play a big part in how fast you can ride. At a given power you will ride at a certain speed. The more aerodynamic you are the easier you will go through the air and the faster you will go at a given power. Conversely the less aerodynamic you are the slower you will go at a given power. Bioracer should be one of your first choices when looking at aerodynamic clothing. Why? Well that's what they do! I dont know of another clothing company that has a cycling specific wind tunnel across the street. Literally! I have been to Biorace and the wind tunnel and it is literally right across the street. That means that they can spend more time making quicker changes for product development. So how is our kit? Fits pretty aero and has lots of cool features that you would expect with high quality high performance cycling kit that is almost as aero as a skin suit. The only thing I thought was limiting was that they only offer this kit is in 3 color options. Tour (yellow), Qatar (Sand) and Giro(Pink). Each color and name gives a nod to the TdF , The Giro deItalia and Tour of Qatar. They do offer arm warmers socks and caps to match each of the 3 color offerings.

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