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Descente Pro-V Mid LS Windlayer

Review: Descente Pro-V Mid LS Windlayer

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We Liked

It's really nice when a company gets the fit of a garment right the first time. Descente gave this Pro-V Mid Wind Layer an athletic fit and it works! The fit was spot on! We all dislike it when fabric bunches up at the collar or shoulders or even more so if the bottom rides up exposing the waistline to the elements. With the Pro-V wind layer, you don't experience any of these issues. The Pro-V Mid Wind Layer garment feels really nice, almost silky and soft to the touch. But it also has that tough feel to the fabric as well. While it is light weight, it is definitely warmer base layer than you might initially expect. Several years ago, Craft was the first company to put wind blocker material into their base layer. Now, not only has Descente put blocker material on the chest of their base layer, but they have also put it on the shoulders and arms as well! BRAVO! Finally. Having wind blocker fabric on the chest is really nice, but having it on the shoulders and arms is even better. The fabric totally blocks the wind and the base fabric does an excellent job in keeping you warm and dry.

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

If you go out when it's cold and windy or you need a race base layer with a wind blocker on it, the Descente Pro-V Mid Long Sleeve Wind Layer is a great option. You really can't go wrong with the performance and the quality of this garment. Great job guys! Welcome back!

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