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CS Cyclocross Tight with full side zipper

Review: CS Cyclocross Tight with full side zipper

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We Liked

In cyclocross there is a need for a warm up tight. One that you can wear on the trainer and around the course to warm up in. One that will protect you from the wind, rain and cold. these tights need to be taken off very quickly while you are at the start line.

Champion Systems has entered the game with their cyclocross warm up tight. These tights are form fitting and have full zippers on the sides that make taking them off very easily and quickly. Plus, you can have them done up in your team colors and logos. Here is a list of what we liked about them

  • Warm, Tech Fleece
  • Form fititng
  • Easy off, Full Zippers
  • Custom, Look pro

We Didn't Like

There is really only one thing that I don't like about them and that is that they are not water proof.

The Final Say

If you race cyclocross then you race in the cold and standing on the starting line in the starting grid getting cold is no fun. You need to keep these muscles warm while you wait to be called to the line. Champion Systems is a great option to this. However if you roll around warming up in the rain or mud you wont stay dry as these tights while warm are not water resistant. When you need to take them off they will come off in about 30 seconds and then you can toss them to your buddy along with your jacket. If they were water resistant they would score higher. One option is to treat them with a water repellant. Otherwise if you get them you will be happy with the quality, warmth and fit of these tights. 4 cowbells

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