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We Liked

First thing I want to say is. The Crosspoint Hardshell Glove is waterproof. Showerspass uses a fabric called Outdry. Which makes it completely waterproof and breathable. Its a unique process where the waterproof membrane is bonded to the fabric using heat and pressure. Check out the Outdry site to see how they do this magic. I want to get that out of the way. Next I want to talk about the shape of the glove. The Glove is not a standard shape and let me say yes it has 4 fingers and a thumb. However, the gloved is pre curved in the shape of a hand in a partial grip position. This is actually a pretty clever thing. Most gloves are cut and sewn together in a flat state. The glove lays flat and when you put it on your hand is essentially flat. When you grip your hand to make a fist or to grab something then you are working against the fabric and the cut of the glove. No such thing here. Essentially the Crosspoint glove feels natural when you are wearing it.

Other than the glove being waterproof and having a natural curve to it Showerspass also wanted to make the glove warm so they put a layer of Merino wool in them. Merino wool is a wonderful material. Not only is it warm but its soft and won't stink. We have have base layers made out of wool and its only logical to have it in your gloves as well. Warm dry hands are awesome when its cold and wet out.

So its wet out and that also means that it can be slick out there. Showerspass also thought of this as well. The entire palm and fingers have this grippy synthetic leather that wont let you hands slip off the bars. Most companies will just put some anti slip material on the palm and parts of the fingers. The Crosspoint hard shell glove has the entire palm and fingers including the tips of the index and middle finger covered in this grippy material. In addition to this Showerspass added some padding at the base of the palm near the wrist and at the underside of your knuckles where you would feel the road bumps the most.

Reflective: Its wet outside and usually is not sunny so you need to be seen. The glove has two reflective stripes on them so when you make a hand signal to let traffic know that your turning they can see it. Or on coming traffic when your hands are on the hoods.

Velcro closure around the wrist closes out the elements and the cold.

We Didn't Like

It seems just a little bulky but that's just an impression that we are getting.

The Final Say

There are a lot of companies out there that makes gloves. Gloves are one of the hardest things to make as far a clothing goes. Most companies will start out with a light weight glove for cool weather and then go up. Not Showerspass and I know why. The owner does not believe in making a product that is not the best in its class. I mean after all they make rain rear right so make a rain glove. I had a chance to spend some time at the Corporate Head Quarters in downtown Portland OR and the owner took a few minutes to explain why its better to go the extra mile and make a really really good product to us. And the Cross point glove is a really good one. We see lots and lots of gloves some we don't review because they are not worth the effort and we send them back and say "Thank you for playing". The Crosspoint hard shell glove is water proof and that is one thing I will not compromise on. If its not I'm going to be fussy about it and call the manufacturer out on it. This glove is and you will be happy with it. Some make their water proof gloves as just a shell. The Crosspoint has a cozy merino wool liner in it so not only is it soft, it will be cozy for those days when its cool and wet. If you want to increase the range of the glove Showers pass also offers a extra liner that you can wear with the glove. At $95 for a pair they are up there in the price range. However, If you can pry open the wallet and get a pair for yourself I can promise you that you will be happy with them. They are well made with great material and thought in their construction and function. Nicely done Showerspass.. Thank you for warm dry hands...

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